Wednesday, November 6, 2019

new development

Current plan for me, I'm getting licensed as a daycare.  My friend has done it for 10 years and I've done it off and on while kids were little.  My friend's kids are all older now and she wants to do it part time.  I don't want full time, so she and I are going to share daycare kids.  The goal is to pay off our porch, roof, save up for Sam and Evelyn's braces and Sam's upcoming allergy shots which they're saying will be anywhere from $100-$300 a month depending on how much he ends up needing (for 3 years).  After that we'll have drivers that need insurance and missionaries to pay for.  My friend makes about $40,000 a year, so if I'm doing even a third of that for part time I think it will cover the next few years of expenses.  The best part?  I get to work with her.... if I'm sick or have something with the kid's school I can call her and have her take over for the hour or the day.  I think it will help Seth learn to share too.  My other kids have always been surrounded by kids, Seth not so much.... and he's the one I have that has the hardest with sharing. I'm excited and I've watched her daycare kids before when she had pneumonia.  They are all very well behaved and it was great.  The biggest challenge will be picking up kids from school and when soccer starts it will be making sure kids make it to practices and games on time.  We'll figure it out. My friend bought a huge van and does it that way.  We can't buy a van so I'm thinking of paying my neighbor to get my kids from school the 2 weeks a month when I'm working. My Mom said she would get Evelyn to dance, which will help immensely.  After missionaries are all home I can shut the daycare and go about being "childless". (Well, hopefully being grandma somewhere after that.... but they'd be grandkids instead of day care.)  It may or may not be what I'm looking for, but I think it will be great.  If it doesn't work out, I'll just not renew my license when it expires.  We'll see.

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