Monday, September 23, 2019


blackberry picker

Ada the yearbook photographer

the runners from the triple crown race

Saturday, we took the day and went to the zoo with my parents, Janelle and Silvia.  We skipped Ada's soccer game and Sam made it to half of his.  But we needed to use our passes at least one last time before they expire.  Financially, I don't think we'll be buying any new passes anywhere for another year or so.  We're running a day late and a dollar short.  We did a first though.... I decided to pay to let the kids feed an animal.  We fed the giraffe.  I loved watching them giggle when the giraffe grabbed the lettuce from them.  So cute.

This guy's doing yoga.

My parents paid for the kids to go on the carousel.  I think Seth especially liked it.

These three are Evelyn's pictures..... I love them.

The sand cat had babies.... 

Everywhere we explored had these sculptures made from plastics and garbage.  They were all sea animals.  This was a whale's ribcage made from plastic bottles.  

On Sunday, we drove up to Salt Lake City so that Silvia could see three more of our missionary friends before going back to Ecuador.  I love Temple Square, it's so beautiful.  There were hardly any people there too.  

Silvia, me, Ada, Karen, Cristina, Mia, Christian, Frederico
Sam, Seth, Evelyn, Cristina's mom, Karen's kids

Silvia and Karen lived together in Guayaquil.  Karen and I were companions in Santa Elena.  She was my favorite companion.  Now she teaches biology at the Salt Lake extension of BYU.  Our kids are the same age and all love soccer, so I think we're going to have to play soccer next time.

Spur of the moment, we decided to tour the Conference Center because Silvia's leaving before conference.  It was so pretty on the roof while the sun set. 

Amazing Jeremy took all our pictures.  But he was there too.  He's so patient with all my get togethers.  He even enjoys them sometimes, but half the time he's stuck with a bunch of Spanish speakers.  He is doing an amazing job and learning what they're saying and getting his point across when he needs them to know something.  Maybe Jer will be a Spanish speaker too.

this one's an Ada picture

Two of our missionary friends are currently rehearing for the Christmas concert so they couldn't be there during our time on temple square, but they were there just as we finished touring the conference center.  Ben and Mayra Clawson.  Ben was one of the office elders and Mayra lived with both Silvia and I at different times, as well as being Karen's trainer.

See, he's marvelous.

The kids' old PE teacher drove up from St George for the kid's race.  I loved this one of her and Evelyn.  

Silvia and the kids feeding the giraffe.

Awwww my heart

I let the kids sit in the back of the train.  I told them that if any of them stood up at all during the ride that we would never ride the train again.  Evelyn immediately stood up.  Ummmm do I have a snarky one?  She did do something super cute the other day though.  She's been practicing what little Spanish she knows with Silvia.  She asked me how to say, "Let's go."  I told her that it was, "Vamos or Vamanos." For the life of her, she couldn't say either.  She ended up with, "Vanamos" and now every time it's time to go, Silvia and I say, "Vanamos."

While we were at the zoo, we ran into our cousin.  Well, it's my 2nd cousin, but because of Bear Lake it feels like closer.  Ashley was there with her girls while her son was at work.  I'm glad that her dad is recovering from his stroke.  They almost lost him.  He's such a sweet man with a smile that would make anyone happy.  He is German, grew up in Canada, raised his family in Utah, traveled the world doing the gold paint work in temples as they were built or remodeled.  He is was one of the main caretakers for the Bear Lake cabin until this year.  Good man.

My neighbor Alina was there too with her daughter.  She's a nanny, so she usually has 7 kids when she does things like going to the zoo.  This time she only had 1 and almost didn't know what to do with herself.  

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