Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Capital Reef

Visiting the Petroglyphs

The Panorama overlook

Ada and Sam decided that they were "too cool" for the superhero ponchos that we have.  It was funny to see them choose perception over warmth.  

This was at the Goosenecks.  The trail was too slippery for me, and the rain had been coming down quite a bit at this point. 

They only came back from the hike when Ada's umbrella starting sparking and they figured it wasn't safe up there anymore.

The rain made several temporary waterfalls too.  That was fun to see.

This is a Memorial for the soldiers from this town.  I thought that was neat to visit on Memorial day.

Goblin Valley

Definitely a happy place!

Sam and Sarah

Evelyn and Anna

Evelyn sitting on a turtle

My friend, Madeline, saw this and I snapped a picture of the moon just over one of the rocks.

They just explored for a bit, then they played tag and cops and robbers.  Our friend's families are not as crazy as our kids are.... Our kids were running and jumping and scaring theirs by not being 100% safe.  

Evelyn kept finding resting spots.

My tired kids after games and right before lunch.

After lunch we played following the leader.  None of the kids liked when their turns to lead were over, but they all got a turn at least.