Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Soccer pictures

My soccer players

Evelyn met Gracie a couple of times during the season.  Each time they played each others teams they would pal around together instead of play against each other.  They even made an appointment to play together at the park and didn't bother to tell their moms about it.... they're too cute.

My awesome goalie

Between games Sam perched in the tree and read his book.

These two hunted dandelions

Monday, April 29, 2019


This last Sunday was a little crazy.  We had to be at the church from 8 until about 11 and then back in the afternoon for a orientation meeting.  The Bishopric that Jeremy has been working with for the last 5? ish years was released.  We love these dear families and their work to keep the Ward working smoothly.  Jer was called to stay working with the new bishopric, so we're in for another 5 or so years, but he's doing a great job.  

It's interesting to see the family situations of all these brothers.  None are the same, none have the same humor, job status, etc.... One is a widower with grown children, us with older kids, a family with grandkids and older kids at home, a family with lots of little tiny kids and a family with all grown daughters that are out of the house.  But they all work well together because of what they're working for.

(I don't usually mind too much how I look in pictures, but I mind in this one!  Gah!  I had just lost some weight but then had to take some steroids to help my foot.... now not only did I gain the weight back, but I'm retaining water and look more puffy around my face than before.... the never ending fight.  I also had been up getting kids ready for church by myself an hour earlier than normal and wasn't planning on having pictures taken... just threw on the first dress I saw.  Not a great choice in this case.  Oh well).

Easter and weekends

Our weeks are all soccer for the next two weeks, then we'll have a summer break.  Evelyn made a goal in her last two games.  Her soccer season is finished, but she's saying that she wants to do it again next year.  She had been saying that she didn't want to.  I'm not sure how much she actually wants to versus her just having fun on the last day.  I'll ask her again in a couple of months.

I'm all sunburned from two sunny Saturdays watching soccer.  Usually Jer will go to two  and I will go to the other two, but he's been busy with the Republican party conventions and voting.  I'm just glad that even though we're busy, it's not unmanageable.  

Evelyn made this flower crown in Activity Days.  I got to help with that one too.  Her leader called and said that she was the only adult there and needed some extra hands.... so I helped girls hot glue Easter flower crowns.  It was adorable to see them happily chatting and making.

I found these awesome chocolate bunnies from ikea…. they have slots to them and you assemble them just like putting together the ikea furniture.... it's hilarious and fun.

Easter was very low key.  We'd had all our Easter parties the week before, so it was just eating chocolate, church, family time.  Dad got a new game called Brain Games for the kids.  It's pretty fun.  It's fun to do the challenges, but some of the kids.... ie: Sam.... get too upset if they don't do well on them.  

Our neighbor is a Spanish teacher and his class was doing a fundraiser to be able to raise money to help build homes and orphanages in Ecuador.  It was more than we usually spend for Easter, but honestly if someone says they're fundraising for Ecuador I'm sold.

Jer spent a couple of days replacing our water softener system.  We got a quote for one and it was $2,600.... so Jer got on Amazon, ordered the same system and installed it himself (with some cursing of course) for $600.  We hadn't been planning on replacing it, but the hard water and the Utah minerals has been making all of us itch like crazy.  We also applied for a home equity loan because we now need to replace our roof.  We applied for extra because we're going to try to finish our porch while we're at it.  We weren't wanting another loan, but we do need a new roof. Thank you Jeremy for being willing to do hard things to bring costs down! 

We were able to attend the temple with Jer's parents to do the temple work for Judy's brother who died a year ago.  She asked him if he wanted his work done before he died and he said yes, he might have even done it himself if it weren't for the anti sentiments of his wife..  It was really neat to be there as part of that.  We went through an endownment session and then up to the sealings. My favorite part was the sealing to their parents.  What a neat experience.  The Holy Ghost was clearly there and I loved that during the prayer, the man prayed that the hearts of those that had passed and whose work we were doing would be softened.  I'd never heard that one in a prayer there before. We had a quick dinner in the cafeteria and then home to spend time with my brother, Seth.  

I really don't mind the changes made in the temple ceremony.  In the 15 years that I've been endowed the ceremony has changed 3 times.  My Uncle took me to the temple and told me about when the endownment had more of a performance feel to it too.... That had been about 15 years before I was endowed.  My view is, as long as I am faithful to the covenants that I'm given to make with my Heavenly Father then I will be considered faithful.  I'm not responsible for covenants made by Joseph Smith, Moses, Abraham, or Adam or the way they were made... just for me.  If current revelation changes the way that I make those covenants, I'm still responsible for my part in those covenants.  I will miss some of the symbolism, but I do like that it's more streamlined.  

Monday, April 22, 2019

Weirdest photoshoot ever

I just had the most surreal morning.  I was booked to take pictures for a mom that's turning 30 and her 8 year old daughter.  They couldn't make it to our location, so I picked them up, drove them to get balloons (she wanted her birth year) and drove them to the park.  We got out of the car, got everything situated and either her or the grandma (who had come along for the ride) accidentally let one of the balloons go.  Luckily it was a 9.... and she wanted the year 1989.  Instead of just using the 89, or doing other pictures and picking up a 9 on our way to the last location she yelled at her mom that it was all her fault, that she didn't want to do this anymore, stomped off to my car, bent her sunglasses in half and threw them in the gutter.  She wouldn't talk about options, and as soon as I got her little girl calmed down (she was having a breakdown that her mom was upset) she started yelling at her daughter that she needs to be more careful, etc.... (the daughter didn't even touch the balloons).  I have never seen an adult treat both their mom and their daughter with that much contempt.  She had no coping skills to deal with the change in plan, blamed everyone around her for the problems and instead of deciding to have a fun photoshoot, she paid me $20 for having spent an hour of my morning driving them around.  I had a million ideas on what to do besides the balloons... the balloons for me were an after thought.  For her that became the unfixable and sat like a toddler throwing a tantrum instead of moving on.  I feel bad for all of them, especially her 8 year old.  What 8 year old is supposed to feel that they are responsible for the happiness and wellbeing of their mom?  My almost 8 year old can't deal with her own feelings yet let alone mine.    I told the daughter that it was not her fault and that it wasn't something that was important, it was only a balloon.  I got the grandma to talk to her like that instead of blaming her too... (I can see it's hereditary.  The grandma was really good at deflecting. "It's not my fault, you were supposed to grab it." and "Don't cry like a baby, you'll look ugly in the pictures.")  Then I offered them a ride home.  That was the most awkward 15 min drive ever.  I even sped through a couple of yellow lights to get them there faster. She apologized as she got out of the car and said that she'd call to reschedule.... hmmmmm, I'm not sure I want her to.  I do want to check in with her daughter though.  Maybe I'll reschedule just to make sure the daughter is okay.