Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sick weeks

We picked up the Influenza A virus from.... everywhere.  The bishop had it, the carpooling family had it, kids at school had it, people at church have it, my ministering companion had it (and I've been spending a lot of time with her... foot surgery, trying to carry a baby down her stairs, picking up kids from school and my Laurel that is her daughter has been in and out of the mental hospital for a couple weeks), and I even saw people at the grocery store with it.  So Ada caught it, and so far we've all had it except Jer.  He's taken good care of us though, making meals and doing laundry.  He let me sleep in all week and got kids up and going for school.  We're mostly better now.  A little bit of coughing and Sam still has a little bit of a fever.  (The way he describes body aches is hilarious!  "Dad! My legs feel like they are potato wedges!" What does that mean?  And we don't eat potato wedges at home, do they eat them at school?)

In the last two weeks we've had Ada and Sam receive the Noble Knight award at school. (Student of the week). We had a low key and family time Valentines Day (lots of legos).  We finished our taxes and most of my parents taxes.  We got word that my brother McKay and his family will be moving out East.  And I've been cuddling everyone under the sun.

Ada's Noble Knight

These are Evelyn's 8 is great program.

Ada wanted to make a dragonhead Valentine's Day box... so we did.  Ada did about a third of it, I did about a third of the conceptualizing part and then Ada got really sick and Dad painted it for her.  She was still sick on Valentine's, so Sam dropped it off in class for her and picked it up after.  She got the class award for best box.  She was pretty happy about that but felt bad that she didn't do the whole thing herself.  Baby steps.

Dad bought flowers and balloons for us for Valentine's from our sweet niece Emma.  She's been a florist for years now, and has her own side business here in Utah called Hummingbird Floral.

This is when I knew Seth was sick for sure... he didn't just climb on me, he buried himself and fell asleep.

Lego space ships!  Dad rebuilt our Benny's spaceship and the kids loved it.

We had stirfry for dinner.  Seth insisted that you don't just eat the baby corn, you eat them like they were corn on the cob.  And he did... with every last bit of it.

I asked Evelyn to put down  her strawberry for the picture.... Yeah, she didn't.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Evelyn's sayings

So Sam and Ada had saved and used their money to buy books at the book fair.  Evelyn felt left out and asked if she could borrow $10 for a book.  I told her that she already owed me money from the last year when she bought a book and didn't do chores to pay me back.  She told me, "I don't mind owing you money."  I just had to roll my eyes.  I've made her do two money chores since then because I do mind that she owes money from that long ago.

Evelyn is turning 8 this year and our ward has 14 kids getting baptized this year.  It's a little weird, we had no kids in the neighborhood and now we've had so many new families in that our Primary and Youth groups are large.  They're not as big as Saratoga Springs where they have multiple primaries, but we definitely have kids around us.  I told Evelyn that we were going to the 8 is great program at the church to plan and get ready for her baptism.  She looked at me and said, "Planning is so boring!"  When we actually got there and she saw all the kids around her she ran in, hugged Mia and yelled, "Yay!  You're here too!"  Then she spent the next hour bouncing up and down with her hand in the air.  She wanted to answer every question and Jer and I were pleasantly surprised by how much she was not only able to remember but to process to make it personal for her.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Exciting progress

This sweet family is pretty much official.  The court ruled that the kids parents were unfit and that McKay and Sophie will be allowed to officially adopted the kids that they've raised on and off for the last 9 years (full time for the last year).  All that they're missing is the last court date to sign papers.  It's been a hard last year, but they're pulling through and they're doing marvelously.  They have been so good for those kids, you can see them bloom. They are also taking steps for the missionaries to teach them and arrange for their baptism.  I'm so excited as they continue to grow and progress.  Sophie has also acted as the mom/big sister to her sister's oldest daughter since she was born.  I'm glad that she can rely on Sophie and McKay.

Happy two weeks #10

I have a sweet new nephew too.  He's Robertson grandchild #47 (the 29th Robertson grandson), my 51st niece/nephew, and such a cute dimpled baby.  His name is Gideon and I hope he brings joy wherever he goes!  (He looks like he will... that face is so sweet.)  Congrats John and Diane. 

Happy two weeks #9

We had the first free Saturday that we've had since before Christmas... We decided to go to the zoo in the snow while Jeremy represented our family at the Pro-Life march. We explained what it was to the kids, and why we support that cause, but Sam especially has a very gentle heart and wouldn't be able to face actually going to the march quite yet.  I personally am mentally exhausted and need just a political and debate free head for a few weeks. Jer has some neat experiences that he told us after and me in more depth after kids went to bed.  One of them is that there was a kid marching next to him that was supposed to have been aborted.  It's heartbreaking.

 While certain animals are hiding inside, some of them love it.  Evelyn loved the snow leopard and the otter was sure having fun in the cold.  

The lions found the only non snowy patches and were soaking in as much sun as they could.

Progression of a yawn.

I actually really liked watching the armadillos collect the hay and stuff their house.

We were talking to one of the workers about theses guys... She called out the turtle/tortoise expert and he told us all about Isma and Kronk.  That was pretty cool.

I also thought it was pretty funny that they gave the wolf a bunch of cardboard boxes to chew up and shred.  That's what all the dogs I've ever owned have done.

We were there at feeding time for the red pandas.

And I still love that they let their peacocks roam free.  It makes it a little more interactive.

Happy two weeks #8

The library had a play called Alice in Wonderland Jr.  It was very cute and the kids came out of there talking about all the characters and singing the songs.  They did a good job of it and I love that they cater to the community instead of only for ticket sales.

Seth and I watched Christian while his mom went to the doctor.  It's her first pregnancy since her D&C and they wanted to make sure that she was doing okay.  So we built forts and played hide and seek.

This cute piggy tailed and glasses girl at dance.  I really like that they have these classes available at the rec center.  We couldn't afford the hundreds of dollars that it costs to go to a dance place.

We did parent teacher conferences this week.  This was a cute thing from Ada's.  They each had a paper on the wall with their name on it.  Each student wrote a word that they would use to describe each of their classmates.  This was Ada's.  I loved that hers, Frankie's and Brendon's all had funny, nice and kind on them.  At Ada's conference, she made a slideshow with all the latest things they've been learning and how she feels she's been doing in them. She was so cute clicking the clicker after each self-analysis.  She says that she's amazing at art (agreed), that her PE coach pushes her too hard but that she appreciates it (me too), and that math stinks (which she might say that but her math teacher told me that she has a natural aptitude with math... just that she doesn't particularly enjoy doing it.)  Test wise she is scoring 651 when the benchmark for 5th grade is 357.  I think that's about a 6th-7th grade level.  She loves science, is not a fan of history and keeps coming back to the fact that art is her favorite.

Sam's conference, smart kid that talks too much during math class.  His teacher loves how much he writes when given an essay.  He's being a lot more respectful of his teachers lately and the kids that he usually fights with during recess have decided that playing soccer in the snow is not worth it.  Hopefully they can be kinder when the weather starts getting warm again.  Sam's dibels and math scores are more than twice what the state expects for someone in 4th grade, so I'm not worried about him school wise.

Evelyn is doing much better with school.  This teacher is good at being strict without being mean.  It helps Evelyn stay on task.  She can see much better with her glasses too.  She's reading and spelling on a 4th grade level.  Her retelling and comprehension was off the written chart for 2nd graders.  She saw that, giggled and told me behind her hand, "Mom!  I'm off the chart!"  She sure is!  Her math tests come back in the 90% but she doesn't like math homework and still struggles turning it in.  I told her teacher that when she does her homework, she never needs my help and can do it quickly when she actually sits to do it happily.... she just rarely will sit to do it happily.  Her teacher thinks that she's partly bored and partly something else going on.  She still really struggles with staying on task and loves to talk to all her neighbors... she doesn't need to be a friend with her neighbor to start chatting... she just needs to be a neighbor and she'll become their friend.   If you ask her who her best friend is, it's either whoever she played with at recess that day or her cousin Joshie.  Occasionally she will say Amelia, but I think is cute that she still loves Josh after not seeing him for three years.

We have actually had snow in the last two weeks as well.  The kids love to take advantage of it.  I took them to Cherry Hill park to sled because it's got a little for everyone.  Jer got to go for this one because he had the day off work!  He kept the older two there a while longer while I took Seth and Evelyn to our first kids fencing class for the year.  We have 4 students.  It's a small class, but I'm glad because Seth is having a hard time following instructions quickly or even at all.  We're working on it.

Happy two weeks #7

The State Capital only took half a day, so we visited the zoo for an hour before headed home.

These kids are crazy!

I loved watching the elephants trying to eat the trees.

"Holding hands"

Happy two weeks #6

Ada's field trip needed someone to come along.  Seth and I volunteered for this one too.  I wasn't going to because I didn't think Seth would behave very well, but they needed us.... We went to the State Capitol on the day that the Legislators were back in session.  We got to take a tour of the building and sit in on their session.  It was interesting and I'd never done it before.  Seth was pretty well behaved while being bored.  The Legislature also had the Navajo nation in to award code talkers with a recognition from the State.  That was fun to see.

These are Ada's really good friends, Tavea, Frankie, Ada, Luke and Brendon.  The 5 musketeers. 

This was really funny.  I love that this is something that was in the state building... yes we get delegations from all over the world.

Seth and Ada held hands for almost the entire time.  It was funny.

I loved the paintings and the fact that most of the decorations in the building were done during the depression to create jobs.  What a beautiful way of making a hard situation better.  This painting is one of Utah lake before all the construction around it.

I especially like this one.