Monday, January 21, 2019

Super Wolf Blood Moon

These are some of my attempts to capture the phases of the moon.  When I have lots of money I want to invest in a 400mm lens, but these were fun anyways.  The sky was clear until the very end.

This one was Seth bumping me, but I wanted to include it because through my lens I could see a ghost moon... It looked a lot like this but it was in a straight line instead of curved.

I love that you can see some of the stars in the background on some of these.

This is when it was wanning and the clouds started to come in.

Super Wolf Blood Moon

Ada was so excited to see the Blood Moon that she got out and set up all the chairs and blankets for everyone.  We didn't go anywhere... just walked out our door.  They were saying that we might miss it because of cloud cover, but we didn't get clouds until after it was starting to wan. Seth used his other Christmas present.  I had found him an $8 pair of binoculars in some clearance bin and he was super thrilled.   The three of us watched most of it in the cold while the other three would pop in and out of the house while making cocoa and playing a game to keep warm inside.  

Lance is 8

My nephew just turned 8.  He wanted a Harry Potter birthday party and Sharon did a great job with it.  Sharon made sorting hat cupcakes with different colored m&ms inside them.  You got sorted into the house depending on which color you got in your cupcake.  Then you would rotate to the different stations with your house.  She set up a would you rather game, pin the nose on Voldemort, quidditch, and a potions class.  Evelyn loved the potions class, Ada the nose game and Sam the quidditch game.  There was something for everyone.  

Dad's hugging me!

Pin the nose on Voldemort.  They were all different animal noses.  It was so funny.

Seth on Vivien's bike.

Jer leading the Would you Rather.  Lance, Devin, Sam, Evelyn.

Vivien helping feed Aubrey.

Kyana, Aubrey and Michelle playing Quidditch.

Evelyn and her potion.  Aubrey said that they boys chose to make a truth serum so that they could use it on the girls.

These last three pictures were from Sharon.  I love them.  This is Devin, Lance and Sam with their truth serum.

Dad and Seth

Me... I'm making a blessing blanket for baby Thea.  Sharon has about 2 months left of her pregnancy.  

Devin recieves the Priesthood

I am so excited for this young man!  Devin received the Priesthood on Saturday.  McKay and Sophie invited us up and it was marvelous.  I still feel like he can't be that old, but we've been there most of the 11 years and he is!  McKay saw that Uncle Brad was going to be in the area giving a fireside and invited him to stand in for our Dad while he's on his mission.  That was fun.  Janelle called up Grandma and Grandpa on Facetime and they were able to join in over the phone.  I'm so grateful for modern technology!  Devin is very ready to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ.

These are the men that were in the circle (and lovely women that were watching).

Aren't they the cutest!  Love these guys.

Martin Luther King Day

We all have the day off, and it snows... a lot.  It's fun and the kids all went to help Jer not only shovel our walks, but some neighbors walks as well.  I'm grateful for a husband that teaches service!  The kids weren't always so happy or helpful, but they all survived and learned from the experience.

Train show

The train show came through Thanksgiving Point again.  The older kids loved the lego section the best and Seth loved EVERYTHING. He was practically bouncy at all times.  He especially loved the Thomas trains in all different sizes.  There was even a nano train that ran on a circuit board instead of a track.

The Daleks attack Star Wars

Harry Potter village