Monday, June 10, 2019

Double birthday party

We held Sam and Evelyn's double birthday party.  They wanted a Terraria party.... so we found a eyeball piƱata to be the eye of Cthulhu, did a laser maze, fought skeletron, and tried to keep away from the slimes on the trampoline.  Evelyn wanted sushi for her cake.  Sam wanted donuts.  We went with donuts and I tried to make a cake out of donut holes.  It sort of worked... I didn't use just the right flavors and it turned out a little off, but the donuts were great.

I got to cuddle Ada, Vivien and Thea...

Monday, June 3, 2019

Sabrina Squires, the kid's art teachers painted this.  I love the colors and the method she used.  When I have time, maybe I can try something like this to hang in our home.  I would love something like this over our bed.


After Evelyn's baptism, we were eating Pepper steak for dinner and Sam got a piece of steak stuck in his throat.  Jer has it happen, not as often anymore, but still does.... and Sam has had it happen a couple of times.  It's always been something that he's been able to get out within 10 minutes.... This time it wasn't moving.  He could breathe, but he couldn't even swallow his own spit.  We called the insta care and they said that they could take care of it there.... so I took him down.  They said that there was an 1 and a half wait time.  Ok. They called us back a couple minutes later and told us that they didn't have any scopes, so they couldn't help and sent us over to the ER.  That right there doubles the cost, but in the 14 years we've been married we've only been to the ER two other times.... and one was for food stuck in the throat, so I took him over to the ER.  Sam was doing great.  They took us right back and gave us a room (I think they're trying to do that more, especially since there was a mumps outbreak in Utah county.... they want sick people in public less).    The hardest part was getting Sam to understand the reason for the IV.  Other than that, he behaved very patiently.  They gave him some medicine through the iv to relax his throat and see if it would go down.  Nothing.  By then it was 1am.... they wanted him to stay overnight and use a scope to go in and get it in the morning.  We were transferred upstairs to the pediatric unit.  By the time we were all checked in and settled, Sam couldn't sleep so we snuggled on his bed and watched movies.  About 3:30 he finally said that he was tired and wanted to sleep.  We went to bed and I got up to check on him about 6am.  He had thrown up in his sleep and gotten it unstuck.  Yay... the downside?  After I told the nurses that he was good, we still had to stay until the doctor saw him... so we finally got home about noon on Sunday.  He showered and was his chipper and happy self.  I crashed for about 2 hours while my family went up to the end of Thea's baby blessing.  On the one hand, we could have watched him at home and waited for him to throw it up... on the other, it was nice to have an oxygen monitor on him so that I was able to get at least 2 1/2 hours of sleep.

Isn't she beautiful. Good job Sharon and Brad!

June 2

Saturday Evelyn was able to get baptized.  

This girl was happy and nervous.  She woke up in the morning telling me that she was nervous, I asked her what was making her nervous and she said that it was because everyone would be looking at her.  She loved having Grandma Robertson give her talk on the Holy Ghost and she and Levi sang so beautifully for the special musical number.  

Her visitors included: Grandma and Grandpa Robertson, the Hansens, Janelle and Seth Wilcox, the Parker family from our ward, the Gilchrists, and Sister Kennerley. 

These are happy moments!  Evelyn came out of the water and told me that she felt so happy.  Later, she gave her cousin Vivien a book to take home and she told me that she was feeling the Holy Ghost and that she needed to be good so that the Holy Ghost could come all the time.  Evelyn is a sweet and sensitive soul.  She always has been.  I'm so glad that she can have the gift of the Holy Ghost so that she can continue to learn and grow the best way for her.

Evelyn's birthday

Evelyn turned 8 a couple of days ago.  She wanted to eat all noodles. I made three kids of noodles, different sauces and toppings.  Noodle bar.  Evelyn was excited to not have to do any chores and get to play video games.  She got some play doll stuff, baptism money from Grandma Robertson, and birthday serenades from Grandma and Grandpa Wilcox's missionaries.


This week we prepared for Evelyn's baptism.  One of the things we did was take a picture for the front of the program.  Evelyn and Levi are cute little buddies.  They play in trees and on bikes.  If one doesn't make it to Primary, the other is sad.  I was glad that they got to be baptized together.  

Out of school

Our kids have been out of school for a week, but our neighbors held a last day of  school party this week.  That was fun. There was a pool full of orbeez.  Fun days.

Mom the Beast

Jer's pictures from Memorial Day weekend

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Capital Reef

Visiting the Petroglyphs

The Panorama overlook

Ada and Sam decided that they were "too cool" for the superhero ponchos that we have.  It was funny to see them choose perception over warmth.  

This was at the Goosenecks.  The trail was too slippery for me, and the rain had been coming down quite a bit at this point. 

They only came back from the hike when Ada's umbrella starting sparking and they figured it wasn't safe up there anymore.

The rain made several temporary waterfalls too.  That was fun to see.

This is a Memorial for the soldiers from this town.  I thought that was neat to visit on Memorial day.