Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The rest of this week

Jer is working to get the furnace and water heaters vented correctly so that our new roof won't leak.  And while he had the roof cut open we had a hail/rainstorm that was amazing.  Luckily Jer was able to keep most of it out.  

Tuesday, my sister, Janelle invited us to have Thai food at her house for her birthday.  It was fun to hang out.

Sam's Tuesday soccer game went well, a little sunny, so Seth and I hid under the umbrella during the game.  Sam made his first goal of the season, it was awesome.

Ada's soccer game Thursday game was awesome. Thursday was great for her in general.  She got the part in the Aladdin play that she tried out for the week before (shopkeeper - which she wanted because it was a speaking part but not a main part), and was approached by a recruiting coach.  All in a positive day for her.  While she was playing at her game, the coach from the competitive team asked me if I was number 11's mom.  He said that she was a great player.  She's always been a very solid player but I never thought "star player".  He said that he'd talked to the ref and he'd told him to watch her during the game because he'd been impressed with her in previous games.  And he said that he was impressed and wanted her to try out for his team.  We had always said we weren't going to do competition because of the money and time involved, but I told Ada that I'd let her decide.  She was going to try out and then decide if she qualified.  A day later I got a text saying that they cancelled her tryout (I'm guessing they found plan A and Ada was plan B).  It's a relief to me timewise, but I am super proud of her.  And yes, as a player she's always where she needs to be and has a nice strong kick.  She's a great goalie, even if she doesn't believe it, and is a good mid fielder as long as it isn't too hot to be running around a ton.  Either way, it was a great compliment to her to be approached.  It surprised her, but I think that's a great surprise to be had!

Mutual was a YW's glow in the dark dance.  It was fun.  Ada had on pokemon socks and the eyes glowed in the dark.  I thought it was hilarious.  I spent most of my time hiding the glow in the dark bouncy balls that kept hitting people in the face when they got thrown and calming down our autistic Laurel that has a fear of balloons popping.  I'd distract her and she'd be fine for a while until someone would go by hitting a balloon around.  Then I'd distract her again.  It's good for her to learn to cope, but the learning curve is not always fun.

On Friday we went to Holtz The Planets.  It was fun to go to the symphony again.  Silvia loved it, especially when the played the Star Wars theme.  She thought that was great.  Friday morning I helped fill in for a friend of mine with her home daycare.  She has pneumonia.  I had 6 kids under the age of 5, plus mine.  I've filled in for her before, but usually it's a bit of a mix of big kids and little.... this time all little.  They were good, they ate what I made for lunch, they all cooperated at diaper times except one.  Monday, I filled in again.  This time with 8 kids.  It went well, but my kids don't appreciate having to pick up the house after they all leave.  What they don't know is that the $200-$300 she'll pay me will be part of their Christmas.  Maybe they'd be happier about it if they did know?  My kids are very cute with the little ones when they get home from school though.  Ada went and "cooked" with one, Seth played with the preschoolers, Evelyn and Sam kicked balls around with a couple of the little boys.  It was cute.

Sunday, the kids played with legos...

Sunday, Karsen came to visit with Silvia.  She was our mission nurse and these two were companions for a long time in Guayaquil.  Karsen said that Silvia was her favorite companion.  And go figure.... now neither of them can eat gluten and have problems with anxiety.  Maybe they just understood each others struggles really well.  It was nice to visit and send Silvia off to meet Karsen's family.  She also had one of the missionaries that baptized her come yesterday.  Silvia had seen on facebook that he worked at a dentist office 10 minutes from here.  We tried to stop by and surprise him, but apparently they don't work on Fridays.  So she contacted him and he came to take her for the afternoon to meet his family and catch up.  I think that meeting people again after you finish your mission is a huge joy.

Silvia also gave me a rather kind compliment.  She said that when she's at home, she gets stressed out and gets angry especially with her son for not doing things perfectly or keeping things clean.  She said that watching me care for kids that are not mine and then treat my own kids with as much love and care as the ones that I was being paid to watch, she realized that she needed to be kinder to her son and let him be a child and make mistakes and still be loved.  She struggles from anxiety.  As she told me about her relationship with her father and the bad things that came from that, I can understand why she gets so wound up.  I also hope that she does see more clearly that her relationship with her son doesn't have to be a reaction to the relationship she had with her father.  I told her that that's why I like travelling and visiting.  I learn from each and every person something that can help me learn and be better myself.  That's one of the more valuable results from going places.

I love driving this thing.  I wouldn't mind this kind of job as a daily thing as long as I could drive a John Deere!  It's a nice mower.

These are from last week, but I went and did the lawn with Seth on Tuesday while everyone was at school and work.  It was a little cold, so Seth cuddled up in my big jacket and watched a movie on my phone.  When he was done he helped me mow.... he sat on my lap and helped me steer.  It reminded me of my dad and grandpa putting us up on the tractor growing up.  Especially my brother McKay.  Seth had the biggest blast and is now asking me to let him help me again next time.

I stole these from Judy.  Playing in the pool one last time before it gets shut up for the winter.

Utah State Fair

My kids did some summer reading programs this year.  They got free books, pizza and passes to the Utah State Fair (including a ride a drink).  So we took Family Night and our Ecuadorian guest and headed out to the fair.  I really like showing the little kids the animals.... that's the sad part about them getting older... but they had a blast and asked if we could come back again.  I told them to keep reading to get free passes.  We saw part of the Knights of Mayhem show too.  We usually like watching the jousting, this time it was full contact jousting and just made my tailbone and hips ache to watch.  We saw two jousts, and 3 of the 4 people were unseated and 1 was unable to keep going.

Ada and I think they put the angel wings upside down, but if they hadn't have done it, no-one would be able to reach them for pictures except the very tall.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

40th birthday party

Ada found Thanos' gauntlet at the Disney Store when we were taking Sylvia shopping for her son.  Funny girl.

The soccer games are so hot right now, we ended up sitting in the tree....  Both Sam and Ada won their games this time.  Sam has physically gotten to the point where he can run and kick again.  Now he just needs to do some conditioning to be back to normal.  It makes me happy to see him back to himself again.

My sister, Janelle is turning 40.  This sweet and caring lady has a lot to show for her 40 years. Me being one of them ;)  My mom, dad and sister threw her a party at the park near their house.  We ate lots, talked to all the Ellis/Wilcox family members that came.  Saw friends.  Kids played their heads off.  It was fun.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Labor Day

We found this painting of a girl in the same dress as Evelyn's baptism dress... super cute

On Labor Day, I hadn't planned anything.  Just doing projects around the house and letting kids play.  Sylvia and I got talking and I realized that she would love it I took her to some local museums.  YES!  That's my favorite.  The kids usually enjoy it while they're there, but protest if you ask them first.  The only museum open on a Monday holiday was the Church History Museum.  I decided that it was perfect and off to Salt Lake we went.  She was more excited for it than I thought she'd be, but she said that she's been waiting for 20 years to go to temple square, so we inadvertently made her dream a reality.  (Literally a God sent accident.  I was just planning on walking past the temple and then to the museum.  The kids decided that they were so parched that they needed water and we stopped in at the visitors center with the Cristus.  She was so giddy.)

Sam loved the story of John Taylor being saved by his watch.  The Church History Museum had the watch on display as well as the cane that they used to try to knock the guns away from the door.

They had a replica of the gold plates.

This was the Moroni that was on top of a chapel in Washington DC.  It's 2 feet smaller than the ones on the temples, but they let you touch it with gloves on.

The kid's play area shrunk significantly since Diane introduced me to it, but they still had some fun activities for the kids to do.

I sent Sylvia off to take the Spanish tour and I took the kids on a tour of my own.  I told them about the acoustics, the organ, using only wooden pegs building the tabernacle, that this is where Conference used to be held, and that this is where the choir sings now.  They wanted to roll down the isles because they were steep and go up into the balcony.  Seth was climbing too much, so I said no.

Sam borrowed my phone and these are what I saw when I was looking at pictures later.

Being at temple square for me is something normal. We go as a family 1-2 times a year and I go often for weddings and other things.  I was just ready to skip through things, but this smile made me pause and remember that for some people this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I'm very happy that we got to share this experience with her.

The basement of the visitor's center is the exhibit on prophets, revelation and the Book of Mormon.  She said she'd never seen anything like it and loved it all.  She said that she's seen lots of exhibits about monks and priests of the catholic church but none about direct revelation from God.  Maybe in her job, she might be able to shift some of the exhibits in Quito from the people to the people's relationship with Heavenly Father.  The part of the Book of Mormon got changed from a table with all the different language translations to an interactive cubicle.  There were 4 sections where you could sit with about 4 people in each.  They had a short presentation on revelation and then had you pull out an already marked Book of Mormon from next to your seat and follow along with 5 different teachings taught in the Book of Mormon.  Sam LOVED it.  He sucked it all in very intently.  Seth was too busy jumping to really notice anything, and the girls sat and followed along as well.  

Part of Sunday, Sam invited Sylvia and I to play games with him.  We taught her three different games and she paid me a very kind complement.  She said that watching me with my kids, she's realized that she needs to let hers be more like kids.  She's always stressing about making sure that everything is in it's place or yelling that something needs to be done.  She said that she's enjoyed watching the happiness in my kids as they play and that they usually respond to me without me yelling at them.  That doesn't mean that I don't yell and that the kids are always perfect, but that's very neat that she would feel so peaceful and happy here. I think that a lot of moms learn from other moms and eventually we end up more or less where we want.  I have two challenges while she's here... She's celiac so I need to keep my kitchen clean and cook gluten free.  So far it's been okay (thanks to Janelle and Judy for years of unintentional training).  She LOVES that there is gluten free bread.  In Ecuador they don't sell specific Gluten free foods and she usually ends up with fruit, veggies, meat and rice.  The other challenge is to not let the basement get crazy messy.  The kids like to make messes down there and I usually save that as a weekly chore to pick up, but where she's down there I want them to keep it nicer for her.