Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Kelly Family

This marvelous family has been through the wringer and has come out on top.  I love them so much.  They are all rather shy and quiet, our location was unexpectedly closed, and we ended up with about 15 minutes to take pictures.  They're not the most spectacular we've ever done, but they turned out decently.  I wanted to give them the gift of pictures though.  Their oldest just left on his mission.  I'm so proud of him and all his siblings as they grow closer to Jesus Christ.  

Kids for the week

The Primary Program was this last weekend.  My parents came and giggled at the cute kids with us.  Sam tends to drown out the entire primary, so the chorister tried asking him to sing nicely but not as loudly.... and she found out that she has a 3 year old girl that sings just as loud as Sam.... I had a nice vengeful giggle at that one.  Sam wrote out his part, turned it in, then decided that it didn't flow well with the program and re-wrote it.  Seth sat very still and didn't really sing, but was very reverent.  Evelyn sweetly gave her part and waved at Dad.  (I got a quick wave from Seth.)  One little girl grabbed the mic and tried her hardest to make the program into a solo act.  Our family sang "Come Follow Me" at the beginning of the program.  Doing things like that makes me happy.  I feel that as our kids are starting to become teens, they are deciding that they're shy all of a sudden.... which they never have been in their lives.  I like doing things like this that help them break out of that and remember that they won't die if they do something in front of people.

Ada was vacuumed into a bag today. The Planetarium came and did an assembly at their school and the presenter chose Ada to help with the demonstration, which I thought was perfect.  They had Ada get in a giant plastic bag up to her neck and with her head sticking out.  They asked if she could move and she showed that she could.  Then they took a vacuum and sucked all the air out of the bag and asked if she could still move.... all she could do was rock around the floor.  It was awesome.

Seth has a speech impediment.  He is starting to not be afraid of talking, but he's still struggling with certain words.... Cornbelly's is one of them.  Evelyn kept asking him to talk about his field trip because he would say, "Cornfelly's".

Ada and I went on her school field trip to Biztown last week.  It's a cute little town.  They have businesses that have donated money to fund it, and because of their donation, they build a little mini store in the town.  The kids go it, apply for jobs, get hired on, take out a loan, buy products to sell, sell the products, pay off their loan, get paid for their jobs and use their money to go buy other people's products.  They also learn about paying bills, saving money, donating to charities, etc...   Ada was adorable.  She wrote up a resume, dressed all professional and got a job as a sales manager at Maverik.  I was the volunteer helping at the RC Willey's.  I stopped by during my break and Ada was cute, wiping off tables, getting people drinks, helping ring up customers with their debit cards and check books.  The whole point is to learn something.  Some kids said that they learned that they have to talk to people to make money.  Some said that it was hard to make money if you weren't in the main street.  One girl in my store said, "So that's how debit cards work!" Many people said that they want to use checks because it's easier to know how much money you have.  My friend's store didn't have very much money coming in and the kids all said that they learned that they couldn't pay their bills if they didn't make money.  All very good lessons.  They had jobs like mayor, air force pilot, delta airline ticket taker, smith's grocery store stocker, United Way worker, banker, factory worker (where they made the products to sell), TV news anchor (that would broadcast every half hour), tech people, pharmacy, and government that would come out and give you your business licenses and make sure that you're following guidelines.  It was all very cute.

Jer apparently hurt Evelyn's feelings too on accident.  All the kids were in bed and Jer went in the girls room to get some of their dirty cloths so that we could wash laundry before their veteran's day program at school.  Jer had a half an arm open, gave Ada a good night hug and started to walk out of the room.  Evelyn said, "And you won't even give me a hug!"  He left to put the laundry in the hamper and came back to hug her, but she was pretty offended.

Evelyn loves her ballet teacher and her class.  She's always showing me the things she's learning and happily talks to her teacher all the way out the door.  I love what he teacher sent home today.  It's a little goal booklet.... They're supposed to write in their book 3 things that they want to get better at.  In the front of the book is a statement about "yet".  I'm not good at dancing "yet". I can't jump high "yet".  I love that so much!  I want to use that in my Young Women's lesson in two weeks.  They are practicing for Swan Lake next May.  Evelyn keeps saying, "I hope I get to be Odette."  Which would be sweet, but I think the older girls get the main parts and the little ones get the background dancer roles.  She's has fewer and fewer days with sore feet.  I think that between the ballet and her shoe inserts we might be able to manage the pain pretty well.  She's still slightly sore and trips often, but it's sooooo much better than a year ago.  No more tears over it and she very rarely has to get out the ice packs.  I kind of wonder if her bone growth is in her hands too.... her hands look longer than other girls her age.  They don't cause a problem, so I think it's fine, and it works well for her playing the piano.  She's doing really well.  She even told me that she's the first of the students to have her Christmas songs memorized, so her teacher is having her learn a duet to play with her at the recital.

Sam is trying to be super patient with his autistic friend.  It's getting harder and harder to.  His friend wants to play only certain games and tells Sam the words he should say in the game.  He's starting trying to get Sam to skip his lunch so that they have more time to play at recess.  I told him that I had been talking to his mom, and his mom had said that the doctor said that he needed more calories because he was loosing weight instead of gaining while he grew.  When he eats at our house, he takes a whole plateful, eats 5 bites and leaves to play.  If he does that 3 meals a day, I can't imagine that he's getting enough to be healthy.  I told him that in order to play well, he needs to eat healthy too and let Sam eat during lunch too.  He said, "Okay." But, we'll see what happens this week.

While waiting in the carpool line to pick up kids after school, Seth's Kindergarten teacher saw that I was right out of her window.  She pulled up the blinds and let Seth wave at me.  I waved back happily, but when I picked him up he asked, "Mom!  Did you see me in the window?" Yep buddy, I sure did.

Evelyn is preparing for her Turkey's on Strike play for Thanksgiving.  She's going to be a squash and has been proudly preparing her part.  She asked me today, "Mom, you remember what I look like right?"  Yes. "Then you'll know what to look for up there.  I'm between "so and so and so and so"."  I think she's a little anxious.

Judy is on week 6 of 12 of the second set of chemo.  Half way!  And I've heard from several people that radiation is a walk in the park compared to chemo, so just a month and a half after this and life will be a little more pleasant.  This second set isn't as easy as the first set, but her numbers are doing well and the chemo is working.
These were pictures off my phone.... Ada the dragon girl.

Grandpa smashing leaves in the green can blew Seth mind.  He was amazed that you could even do that.

My Mom, sister and I went up to learn how to close the Bear Lake cabin for the winter.  There wasn't a ton different, but a lot of hoses that need to be disconnected.  And the power to the water heater disconnected.  It gets so cold up there that all the pipes tend to burst and if people go up and turn on the electricity during the winter after the water heater has been emptied, it burns out and has to be replaced.... so we're supposed to disconnect it from the power completely.

Janelle and my "Gus-Gus" niece, Thea.

Link (Seth)

Marx (Evelyn)

Ada and Frankie.  Ada said that she got soooo many people coming up to her and waving, pulling on her wings and she said she loved the little kids getting so excited and saying, "It's a dragon!"

Waddle-Dee (Sam)

Janelle, Sam and Evelyn at Goblin Valley.

Kids opening their Halloween cards from Grandma Robertson.  They are always excited for her cards.

Ada and her crew at Maverik.

Last week, my YW's class did a Bob Ross painting night.  They followed his tutorial and we talked about Individual Worth.  They all came out with something different and very fun, they all followed the same instructions, and all of their paintings were worth it.

The baby blanket I made for Devani's baby shower next week.

I thought this was awesome.  I pull up to my house and here are my parents sitting behind this sign.

Ada and Frankie twinners.  Honestly, they get mistaken for each other at school.... I can see why.

Vivien and Brad.  I love it.  So cute.

Evelyn got 3rd grade artist of the week.  I think it's cute.  She drew a little town with monsters walking down the street.

Baby Mia's blessing day.  The kids had the different experience of going to sacrament meeting in Spanish.  I'm so proud of my family.  Jer is making an effort to really learn Spanish and I think he's making good headway.  I challenged Sam to listen to each testimony and see if he could identify one thing that they were talking about.... and he did.  Evelyn poured over the Spanish hymn book. Seth fought for all the hymn books.  Ada patiently waited at her Dad's side and cooed at the cute little baby.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

new development

Current plan for me, I'm getting licensed as a daycare.  My friend has done it for 10 years and I've done it off and on while kids were little.  My friend's kids are all older now and she wants to do it part time.  I don't want full time, so she and I are going to share daycare kids.  The goal is to pay off our porch, roof, save up for Sam and Evelyn's braces and Sam's upcoming allergy shots which they're saying will be anywhere from $100-$300 a month depending on how much he ends up needing (for 3 years).  After that we'll have drivers that need insurance and missionaries to pay for.  My friend makes about $40,000 a year, so if I'm doing even a third of that for part time I think it will cover the next few years of expenses.  The best part?  I get to work with her.... if I'm sick or have something with the kid's school I can call her and have her take over for the hour or the day.  I think it will help Seth learn to share too.  My other kids have always been surrounded by kids, Seth not so much.... and he's the one I have that has the hardest with sharing. I'm excited and I've watched her daycare kids before when she had pneumonia.  They are all very well behaved and it was great.  The biggest challenge will be picking up kids from school and when soccer starts it will be making sure kids make it to practices and games on time.  We'll figure it out. My friend bought a huge van and does it that way.  We can't buy a van so I'm thinking of paying my neighbor to get my kids from school the 2 weeks a month when I'm working. My Mom said she would get Evelyn to dance, which will help immensely.  After missionaries are all home I can shut the daycare and go about being "childless". (Well, hopefully being grandma somewhere after that.... but they'd be grandkids instead of day care.)  It may or may not be what I'm looking for, but I think it will be great.  If it doesn't work out, I'll just not renew my license when it expires.  We'll see.

Goblin Valley

On Saturday, my sister Janelle swam with the kids while I took Sam and Jer to their race.  Sam got done with the 1k in the top 15 and told me that he'd like to try the 5k.  The announcer kept saying that it is the hardest 1k in the US.  I'm not sure about that, but I'm impressed with Sam. Jer said it was the hardest half he'd ever done.... like running on Timp.  He also said that the views were spectacular and that he's glad that he's been crawling around in the attic and working on his core muscles.  After that we went to the grocery store, stocked up on food and headed to goblin valley.  


This last weekend, we went to Arches and Goblin Valley.  Amy had entered the Moab trail run, but after Walter's emergency surgery, Jer took her entry and we headed down.  Friday we went hiking in Arches.  The Delicate Arch hike was so much better without gale force winds trying to carry us away like last time.  I was surprised that Seth knew where we were.  He was telling me about how last time we had hiked there his hat blew away and we had to go catch it. That was at least a year or more ago.  He kept saying it was a dream.... I told him that no, it was a memory.  He said, "That's right!  Because I remember it!"

This girl wore a dress even though I told her to wear pants... I told her that she should at least wear shorts underneath her dress but she didn't. She got lots of comments on her awesome dinosaur dress though.

You can't really see us, but a man asked to take our picture together.  That was fun.


Jer was working at FamilySearch at Halloween, so we went to their work party.  There weren't as many people setting up fun haunt alleys or anything, but the kids had fun trick or treating.
Seth was Link from the Zelda game, Evelyn was Marx from Kirby, Sam was bandana Waddle Dee from Kirby and Ada was a dragon.

We also went to our ward trunk or treat.  These are two of Ada's other Beehives.  The one in the middle was "When Life gives you lemons".

Evelyn and Levi

Ada, and her baby dragon Charlie with Emma.

Our neighbor made this fun activity.  You punch through the paper and get what's inside.

Evelyn, Logan, Sam

On Halloween, my parents, Janelle and the Gilchrists came down and we all went trick or treating together.  It was so fun and I LOVED watching Vivien get all excited as she ran around.  Seth loved it but didn't want to carry his stuff.  Evelyn's year was so much better than last year... Last year she was diagnosed with her skewed foot and had a UTI on Halloween.  This year, she just had fun. Ada was officially one of the "big kids".  I let her go with several friends around the neighborhood.  It was fun for her and she only got home about an hour after everyone else.