Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ada the goalie

Ada is actually a pretty good goalie. She gets mad when she makes a mistake but honestly she does a very good job.


This little Evelyn is funny. She usually tries to play defense during her soccer games when at that age they don't teach defense. Her coach usually lets her but occasionally he tries to get her to do something different. This last game he told her you're doing a great job back here but I want you to go up there and get a goal. She just looked at him said okay, went made a goal, Hi-5 him and then went back to defense. I just laughed the entire time. She came back to me during her break and said now you owe me an ice cream mom. I told her sure.

My Ada

Picture day

I had to get up early and drive some friends up to an appointment with the IRS office. It was also picture day. O did the girls hair and Jeremy made sure they had clean shirts and brushed their teeth. Neither of us realized that Evelyn was wearing Seth's pants. Good thing pictures are only from the chest up.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


The plus of getting sick.... I've got extra down time to finish projects like this blanket for my room mate's first baby.

Monday, September 3, 2018

The twins's birthdays

My brother, McKay and his wife Sophie, are in the middle of adopting their niece and nephew.  They went from 3 kids to 5 and now they have two sets of twins.  The kids are aged 11, 11, 9, 9 and 6.  Here's the best part.  The twins birthdays are 2 years and 2 days apart.  That makes a very intense birthday weekend... 4 of your 5 kids birthdays within two days.  We got to go up because it was Labor Day weekend and we didn't have soccer... it was fun to wish them all a happy birthday.  We got them a combined present.  A giant jenga set.  I think they're really fun, but I hope they think so too. 

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Fun week

We have been battling a cold all week.  I don't feel too bad about it since we haven't had a cold for awhile and we've had such terrible air for the last month.  On top of that, we had our garage flood during the one rainstorm that dumped on us last week.  While Jeremy and I cleaned that up, I must have rubbed up against something and gotten a splinter in the back of my leg.  I didn't feel it until I sat down and it rubbed on the chair.  I couldn't see it because of the location and Jer said he could feel it but not see it.  I soaked it in Epsom Salt for a couple of days, but that didn't seem to do anything for the long term solution.  I gave in and had Ada watch kids while I went to the doctor to get it removed.  I felt stupid beyond telling them that I had a splinter in my rear that I couldn't get out.  The doctor dug it out and I was good as new, but it was about a half inch long and he said that it was the color of my skin and was down in there pretty far.  Not two days after that, Seth was playing with his friend, James, in the trailer in the front yard and came in screaming.  He had a splinter that went down about a third of his foot.  I helped him wash it and tried to get it with a needle and tweezers.  I was able to get most of it, but the last bit was so far down there that I couldn't get it without some help.  Jer tried when he got home and Seung-mo even tried a little bit.  I took him to the doctor the next day and it took three of us working together to dig it all out.  Seth was brave for most of it, but by the time you start getting deep enough there's bound to be some kicking and struggling.  He limped for a day, but now he's back to his own self.  He has been bringing me socks to put on him lately though.  I think he feels that they will protect him more.
The other thing that we've been watching very carefully is Sam.  We were getting a lot of spiders around the outside of the house, so I called someone in to spray the outside.  I'm a little paranoid about spraying anything poisonous inside the house since one of our neighbors lost two grandkids after trying to kill voles in their yard.... So we haven't sprayed the inside for a long time.  We actually only see a couple of spiders every now and then and it's not been a problem, but spraying outside we scared a couple of them into the house and I've had to kill a few.  Sam started complaining about pain on his bum.  I watched it, it got bigger and developed a black spot in the middle that felt like a very large pimple.  He got a fever and I called the doctor.  They said that unless it started weeping or got very much larger than we didn't have to bring him in.  In the morning, it was about 6 inches larger than the night before.  I called and they had me keep him home from school and watch him.  I did some research and it looked like one of two bites.... a brown recluse or a hobo spider.  Eventually his fever went away and the swelling went down.  I think we were lucky and it was a hobo spider which can cause a reaction but is not actually very dangerous.  Brown recluse, the bite starts to collapse and the venom eats at the tissue.  I thank our Heavenly Father that we didn't have to deal with that.
All in all a very exciting week.

An old friend

Most of this week we have been sick with colds, taking out splinters, and fighting spider bites. One day was very special though. Tuesday our very first International student came back for a visit. He brought his wife and daughter. It was very nice to meet them both. I feel like we have a very special connection with Swung-mo. He wanted to especially say goodbye to Ada on the way out. It was very sweet. He was living with us when Ada was only 1 years old. I think he liked her a lot. Once he told us that staying with us helped him realize that he wanted a family. Ada doesn't remember him but she was very kind and tried to say goodbye anyway. Ada was especially kind to the daughter. Their daughter is 3 and doesn't speak English very well yet but they went upstairs and played dolls and horses. I love seeing them again.