Monday, August 27, 2018

Renaissance Faire

We only had about 2 hours, but we decided to go to the Ren Faire.  The kids LOVE the vendors.  They love seeing all the armor, leather workers, etc...  It's half instructive, but a lot of it is just fun.  I kind of wish it were just a little bit more authentic, but I understand the time and effort that goes into it.  It's picked up a lot of steam in the last 5 years and we've seen a lot more booths, activities, etc....

Dad actually did great a great job.  He hit the target and the other 4 got close.

They had Japanese drummers that we so cool.

And a lady with a string that she blew bubbles with.

This was typical of Evelyn and Sam.  She would marvel at one bubble and try to follow and protect it while Sam would charge around and jump and chop at them.

The birds of prey are Jer's favorite every year.

This is the kid's favorite every year.  They usually are able to grab a few moments with the swords and shields before they get kicked off.  They're supposed to be for 16 and older... but they aren't sharp or dangerous... sooooooo.  I tried telling the people last year that all my kids are Olympic style fencers and that they won't get hurt or hurt their equipment.  Yeah, that didn't work.

Watching the joust.

breaking lances

They had Thor's hammer if you wanted to lift it.

Throwing tomahawks.  The kids were all able to get them to the target, but Dad actually got two to stick in the target.


The one thing that this girl wanted to do was see the balloon man.  He's the same one every time we've come.  He's fun to talk to and will try to make anything.  Evelyn wanted a flower.  Seth wanted a sword and shield, Sam wanted a sword and Ada wanted a mace.  Apparently no one has asked for a mace before and he took a couple of minutes figuring out how to do it.  It turned out awesomely.  10 for creativity.  They were closing for the end of the faire, so he let Sam destroy his guy holding a sword that was at his booth.  Sam had this look of glee the entire time.

Evelyn's first soccer game

Evelyn went into the season pretty excited.  She ran and played the entire first half, but it was so hot that she looked like she was physically melting the second.  She kept kneeling down and staying there while everything was going on around her.  Her game is the last one every Saturday, so by the time it's her turn she's a little tired of being there.  She's such a cute player though... she cheers on her teammates and jokes with them.  My favorite one from this Saturday was her 'mix and match friend'.  Apparently she is 7 years old and has the number 5 on her jersey.  Her friend is 5 and has the number 7 on her jersey... so they're the mix and match friends.

This year, her friend, Abby, is on our team and we played our friend, Nora, in her very first game.

Ada's first soccer game

I only took a couple of pictures at Ada's game because I ended up coaching the first half of it and because Jer kept Seth home because he kept throwing tantrums.  Jer made him take a nap and he was much nicer after that.  Ada has turned into a very good defender.  She was very good at getting in front of the ball and kicking it hard away from the goal.  We need to work on her kicking it to someone instead of just away, but she has a very nice and hard kick.  Their uniforms neon yellow.  In person they look fun, but my camera wasn't sure what to do with that color in the bright sun.  It made Ada look like she's been tanning too long.

I was so proud of her though!  There are only 8 people on her team and only 7 showed up for a 6 person+goalie game.  There were no subs and it was 97 degrees outside.  She never once complained.  She slowed down a lot in the last half of the game, but I completely understand why.  It was so hot and the girls never really got a break.   She has two of the same girls from her last two teams on her team this year.  I'm hoping she has fun.

Sam's first soccer game

Soccer this year is a challenge for Sam.  He's talented, but not motivated.  He's the oldest on his team and only two other players have really played before.  All the really good players have moved onto competition soccer at this point.  Competition soccer is where he'd really learn the most, but it's three times the cost and three times the time commitment.  Jer said that this season would probably make or break soccer for him.  Either he'll decide that he'll play hard and have fun or give up and sulk.  His first game was half and half.  He played hard and ran hard, but he wasn't putting his usually enthusiasm into it.

Seth's first soccer game

Seth is 4.  That means that he can play soccer.  He's on the same team as two of his friends from our Ward.  Roan and Wesley.  Wesley is almost 6 and Seth just turned 4, so I was surprised that they're on the same team.  It was a good surprise because his Dad has coached 3 of our kids and does a very good job.

At the beginning of the game these guys got together and Seth said they were talking about the ball.  Ada kept dubbing in what she thought that they'd be saying to strategize.  It was so funny.

Seth did such a great job! He was not afraid of the ball and dribbles fairly well.  I guess that is what happens when you have older siblings that play. He made 4 goals.  3 of them were in the other team's goal, but we got him turned around by the end of the game.

Like a boss.

He was so joyful to be able to participate for once instead of watch from the side.