Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sir Robert of the Crusades

I can't believe how much this guy has grown up.  He's mellowed out as he's grown and he's very fun to talk to.  He knows all sorts of obscure details about history, like Jacob, and has a particular love for the Crusaders.  He got a job teaching swimming.  He loves doing it and it's given him some money to buy this very realistic set up.  He particularly loves wearing the chainmail.  He said that it's helped him as he's trying to get into shape.   Carrying 20 extra pounds everywhere and working out has helped him lose 40 pounds.  We were going to take pictures at our local castle, but it was being used by the local mental hospital patients for the day.  We were joking that we could say that he was one so that we could get in.  Instead, we drove up the back of Squaw Peak and hit the light just right.  I didn't edit these at all.  The lighting was beautiful and I enjoyed our outing.

This is my favorite Robert smile.  I wasn't looking when I took it, I was just chatting with him... I was lucky to get him in the frame at all.  I'm glad I did.

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