Tuesday, July 3, 2018


After Father's Day, we played with cousins some more.  We also got a chance to go to the splash pad with our neighbors.  Everyone was a bit rushed for the day, but we took a 2 hour block and played.  Sam was throwing his shoe up on top of the waterfall and letting it come down again.... it eventually got stuck at the top and it never came back.  Well, luckily they were $5 sandals from Walmart that he's used for 3 years.  

Evelyn, Seth, Eli, Sam, Cyrus, Ada

Ada, Mariah, Joseph, Jonathan, Millie, Ellie, James, Harrison,
Sam, Sophie, Aubrey

Seth, Cyrus, Evelyn

Walter, Sam, Eli

Maisy, Mariah, Ada

Ellie and Seth

Quinn and Evelyn liked sunbathing. 

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