Tuesday, July 3, 2018

McKay and Sophie

We went up to Roy to help my brother's family move.  They are a few weeks away from closing on the house they want, but they had to get out of their home.  Jer had taken our girls on a daddy daughter date the night before.  They went to a trampoline park and Jer hyperextended his knee... which put his back out.  Jer couldn't lift anything, and we'd gotten there late anyways, so Jer watched lots of kids while I tried to help with last odds and ends, dinner, and chatted with my brother and his wife.  I'm glad that they're staying in Utah.  They were originally going to move to Idaho, but they're just moving to Brigham City so we'll still get to see them more often than otherwise.  After finishing, we went with the cousins to a friends house for a birthday celebration and then tried to get in at the drive in movie theater for the Incredibles 2.  We missed getting in by just a couple of cars, but we'll try another time.

Isaiah, Devin
Jordan and Sam

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