Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Jer's favorite activity at the Robertson reunion is the fireworks.  We were under a budget this year, so our aerials were pretty but not many, but he is always an amazing master of ceremonies.  It's not easy to be in charge of that many kids doing sparklers and flowers.  This year I only heard of one burn, so that's getting better.  Jim made his amazing homemade ice cream with Amy's homegrown eggs.  It turned out so creamy and delicious.

Ada, Maisy, Rocky, Evelyn, Sam, Eli

I found these for .50 at the Hobby Lobby.  I thought it would be fun for the kids.  Most of them had fun with them while the sparklers were going on.  That made me happy.  Ada put them in her hair and Samuel B went in to get his hiking hat to hold his in.

Ada was flossing with the sparklers.  I thought, well it's a good thing she's wearing jeans.

I don't know what was different, but I was able to catch the smoke of the fireworks this year.  I thought that was pretty fun.

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