Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Busy June

Our June is always extremely busy.  I wanted to document it, but my computer has been disconnected from the internet for a bit and my phone just doesn't blog well.  I'm probably forgetting a few of the things that I need to be writing, but here are some highlights.  First was our week after Yosemite.  We recovered, washed laundry, put away stuff and tried to clean the house.  The week after that we hung out with our Morisse cousins and our Hansen ones.  We did some hiking and went to eat at Chuck o Rama and a hot dog roast.

Aubrey, Jonathan, Harrison and James

LucyJayne, Evelyn, Millie, Sam

Mariah, Jonathan, Amy, Jim, Jer, Me, Ada, Ben and Lucyjayne, James, Aubrey
Evelyn, Millie, Seth, Sam, Sophie, Harrison

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