Tuesday, July 10, 2018

4th of July goodness #1

This year, we celebrated the 4th with the Brashers, Clarys, Hansens, Tarkingtons and us.  It was fun to catch with everyone.  So much growth has happened.  People graduating, marrying, girls camp, etc... It's good to see what they're up to.  We all have some challenges in our lives right now, it was good to be able to commiserate and know that we support each other too.  We're all praying for siblings that are far away and having challenges of their own.

Samuel, Taylor, Mariah, Ellie, Sam, Eli, Seth, Rocky, Maisy, Grace, Cy and Millie.

Lizzie and Mary have been particularly fun to talk to.  I really think that she picked the perfect guy for her.  They're so great together. (As are Emma and Stephen).

This is Owen.  I got to meet this handsome nephew of mine for the first time.  He's adorable, loves to give high five and is in the best smiley stage ever.

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