Monday, July 16, 2018

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, Jer's Grandpa Robertson took pictures of us while Jer and I were fencing. He printed them on paper and filed them away. Jer's dad found it in his stuff and thought we'd get some enjoyment out of it. Which we did.

Lost another tooth


The last night of Becca being here Ada, Grace, Maisy and the mommies did the scrapbooking day. Ada had a blast and Grace is a great scrapbooker.




Post swim




She's still the right size to sit on my lap right?

Saturday breakfast


Jessica just returned from serving her mission in Hawaii. She was there through all the flooding and volcanic activity. She's such a sweetheart and she grew a lot over her Mission I am very impressed. It was good to hug her and talk to her.

Silly cousins

Ada and Emma decided that they were going to put water balloons down their shirts. They carry them around calling them their babies. Lance and Evelyn started saying that they didn't like their little sisters, that is to say the new babies. Both girls popped their babies eventually.

Daddy time

Game room

Tiff and Theo

My view

I like to take a picture of my view. This is my view during the family reunion.

2nd cousins

Ellis Family Reunion

We haven't gone to our Harding reunion for a couple of years, but the last couple of years our Ellis Reunion has been really fun.  We saw Tiff's, Landon's, Joe's, Rachel's, Liz's, Sharon's, Jake's, Janelle and Seth's families.  Mark and Carol and Diane and Marty were the only Ellis generation there.  My parents are on their mission and we got to call them to wish my Dad a happy birthday.  We got there midnight on Tuesday.  Diane's girls camp were up there, so we crashed in the A-frame for the first two nights so that our tent wasn't in the way.  I got to take kids out in the kayaks for a while and I went swimming with Ada.  She's such a cute little fish.  She would spend sun up to sun down in the water no matter how cold.  I tried letting my kids put on their own sun screen and they all missed the triangle under their eyes and ended up with cheek sun burns.  Jer was the game activities director this time.  All the kids wanted to play games with him.  They loved playing Hogwarts Battle and Arkham horror.  I played giant Uno with kids on the beach and Janelle took a turn with the kids by the camp fire.  Janelle was amazing.  She slept with Ada, Evelyn and Emma in the treehouse and then in the cabin the next night.  These kids sure love their Aunt.  My brother Seth came up for the day and we watched Mars, Saturn and Jupiter during a meteor shower.  Sharisse came out and chatted with us on the way to the bathroom and the next day she was telling everyone that we knew lots of stars.  Jer got out his green laser and wowed everyone with it's coolness. Our son, Seth, peed the bed twice and after hand washing his bedding twice we went and bought some diapers for the rest of the week.   We came home last night.  I'm elbow deep in laundry and we've got camping gear all over the house, but I thought I'd want to blog first.  I've been telling kids that they have to play in the back yard because I don't want friends in the house until I get camp stuff put away.  How long do you think that will last?  Last time I tried kicking them out Sam had to come in and tell me a story every 5 minutes.

Jer, Ada, and Seth

Sam and Ronin

Janelle and Ada

Clara and Sam

Sam, Sharisse
Ronin and Rachel

Ada, Janelle and Evelyn

Ronin, Abby, Sam, Kat, Clara
Ellen, Evelyn, Ada

Ada, Clara, Kat, Evelyn
Sam, Ronin, Trevor
Diane, Katie, Ellen, Landon
Ada, Ronin, Landon and Kat, Sam, Abby, Lance, Trevor, Clara
Evelyn, Ellen

Jer and Seth


Evelyn and Daddy


Jeremy, Benjamin and Seth

Seth and Benjamin have a rough boy relationship.  They like to do very boy things together and then usually end up fighting somewhere in there.  One time they were on the raft with Theo and all three of them were pulling on the anchor chain yelling, "Fee, Fii, Foo, Fum!"

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sir Robert of the Crusades

I can't believe how much this guy has grown up.  He's mellowed out as he's grown and he's very fun to talk to.  He knows all sorts of obscure details about history, like Jacob, and has a particular love for the Crusaders.  He got a job teaching swimming.  He loves doing it and it's given him some money to buy this very realistic set up.  He particularly loves wearing the chainmail.  He said that it's helped him as he's trying to get into shape.   Carrying 20 extra pounds everywhere and working out has helped him lose 40 pounds.  We were going to take pictures at our local castle, but it was being used by the local mental hospital patients for the day.  We were joking that we could say that he was one so that we could get in.  Instead, we drove up the back of Squaw Peak and hit the light just right.  I didn't edit these at all.  The lighting was beautiful and I enjoyed our outing.

This is my favorite Robert smile.  I wasn't looking when I took it, I was just chatting with him... I was lucky to get him in the frame at all.  I'm glad I did.