Monday, July 30, 2018

Ada's pictures

Ada saved up money from mowing lawns and babysitting and bought herself a camera.  I put her pictures on my computer today... here are my favorites.

These two are the Ely ovens

These three are from the Panorama trail.

These three were her playing with the kids in the hotel on the way home.

These ones are all from the Studio C rehearsal that she went to with the Clary's.

These are all from the Dinosaur Park in Ogden.

Dinosaur Park

I didn't know about it, but Sharon told me about the Dinosaur Park up by Ogden.  It was a great place for a birthday outing for a boy that insists on going to the dinosaur museum every day.  There was an area inside full of bones and outside of statues of dinosaurs in their habitats outside.  I called ahead and made a reservation for our group which made it so that we only had to pay $5 per adult and $4 per child.  They even have a $3 homeschool rate.

It was really hot, but the kids handled it mostly like champs.  They had a cute little picnic area off to the side.  It was perfect.  Sam did not like all the bugs though and kept freaking out whenever one was around.  He was never scared of bugs before, but apparently these ones were scary.

Seth's 4th birthday party

Seth's birthday isn't for another week and a half, but we were planning a game night at Sharon's house for all my siblings, so we just snuck in a birthday party in the morning.  I made an excavation cake by piping white chocolate on wax paper over a picture of dinosaur skeletons, dug out some of the cake and put the bones inside.  

McKay's youngest and Sophie have strep throat, so the rest of them stopped in for a minute, but it was fun to see them for just a minute. 

I found these excavation kits.  They each had a claw inside and the kids could dig out their own claw or tooth.  They had so  much fun. 

Evelyn again and Pioneer Day outing

While we were walking over to the Pioneer Day BBQ, Evelyn took the hand of the 7 year old boy that Janelle brought.  She said, "I can see that you're nervous to meet new friends.  Don't worry, I'll help you not be scared."

Earlier in the day, we had planned a kayaking outing with my friends Robyn and Michelle up at Tibble Fork.  We got to the mouth of the canyon and they said that it was full. We just turned around and ended up at Highland Glen Park.  It was fun, smelled a little of dead fish, but it was a good morning.  Michelle didn't get our message and ended up not joining us, but she said she was fine.

We had been planning on doing the Temple to Temple 5k that morning, but Jer has hurt his knee three times in the last month.  He really needs to stop and let it heal.

The kids all found sticks and were using them like wands.  We have just finished the 7th Harry Potter book.  Seth doesn't cast spells, he aims the wand and says, "Harry Potter!"  Sam moved on to finish Tom Sawyer (which I liked more as a parent than I did when I was younger) and the Impossible Quest Series.

This girl is growing up into quite the reader.  This year she's finished Harry Potter with the family, read the entire Michael Vey series, the Wings of Fire series, Pollyanna, Pippi Longstocking, Island of the Blue Dolphin, Emperor's Soul, part of Tom Sawyer with Sam and I, and several others that I can't remember at the moment. 

This girl wasn't interested in reading this summer, which isn't like her very much.  Ada read Pippi Longstocking to her and tried to read Wings of Fire.  She wasn't interested until we found Wings of Fire the graphic novel which she's read several times and has now moved on the read the first book of the series.

Sam doesn't go out on the paddle board very often, but he has no problem with it at all.

Ada is such a great big sister.  Seth doesn't like to swim with me... he likes to boat with me and have me hold him in the water, but he will swim with Ada til the cows come home.

This one said she wasn't going to go swimming, but yet....

This was the only duck in the entire pond with a fluffy head of hair.  It was awesome and made me giggle every time we passed it.

These guys like to play king of the hill on the paddle board.

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