Friday, June 22, 2018

Good morning

Seth is officially out of diapers at night. He's done very well. He could have done it before our  Yosemite trip but I didn't want to have any accidents while we are camping

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Seth and Ada

Ada was helping Seth buy a snow cone from our neighbor's sidewalk sale.  She asked if he wanted red, green or pink.... he enthusiastically said, "BLUE!"

Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day

I thoroughly believe that this man is my perfect match.  I could not have chosen a better one.  He is a testament to the importance of the Holy Ghost.  He's the kindest and most patient man ever.  His goodness makes me try harder constantly.   Happy Father's Day Jeremy and soon to be happy 13th anniversary!

Father's Day

Friday, June 15, 2018


Blessings are funny. Sometimes we receive what we want and sometimes we receive peace or something we didn't know we needed. Dealing with lice for the second summer in a row is not only expensive but it's also time consuming. This time instead of spending four weeks of constant cleaning, hair care, and avoiding everybody we decided to go the expensive route and pay to get the treatments done. We didn't have the money for it so we just put it on a credit card. I never like doing that. Then as soon as we got back from our camping trip my neighbor who does daycare from her home calls and asks if I can care for a 19 month old girl for 6 weeks. She doesn't do daycare during the summer and the little girl just needed some care until they moved in July. It's $600 to watch one little girl from 10 to 3. She sleeps for half that time and she's very pleasant. The $600 covers lice treatment. It's a blessing I didn't ask for but I definitely appreciate.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Meet Charlie, the happiest baby in the world

This was my easiest baby photo shoot.  He just couldn't keep from smiling. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Last note

Just as a good job guys....

Jer hiked 46 miles this week
Ada hiked 20.5 miles this week
Sam hiked 26.5 miles this week
Evelyn, Seth and I hiked 13 miles this week

Plus all the walking that is required while doing camping.

And we also drove by the solar array near Tonopah... it looked really neat.


Saturday we packed up, played Frisbee and fetch with Michelle and her dogs and headed out to Tonopah.  There was a mine there that we wanted to explore.  We got there, got dinner and all the hotels were booked, so instead of checking out the mine we headed to Ely instead. This is a creepy Clown Motel that we chose to drive by in Giggle Springs.... Evelyn and Seth listened to music with a headphone splitter... that they that was pretty awesome.  The rest of us finished reading Harry Potter 6 and we're half way through number 7. 

Just a note about organizing... I love doing things with people.  I love learning about things they are passionate about and being part of a good conversation.  That's one of the reasons that after we opened up our two reserved camp reservations to family we also invited my friend Michelle who has been my camping and hiking buddy for 20 years.  She and I hiked Angels Landing together after 2 other short hikes that day as a graduation campout.  She also helped me carry Ada down Stewart Falls the first time I went hiking with a baby.  By the time that Evelyn was a year old, she was in town and we went hiking with her two dogs, her dad's dog, my 3 kids and Pips who I was watching at the time.  I carried Pips on my front and Evelyn on my back.  We've been hiking in the Uintah's together and camping at Bear Lake together.  She's a fun and interesting person to talk to.  She's the only child of an only child.  Her parents were older when they were finally able to have her, but that means that her parents are older now as she's getting to be middle aged.  Her mom died of cancer 5 years ago just as she was trying to finish her PhD.  Her grandparents and uncles have all died at this point.  She has a blind Aunt that checks in with her occasionally, cousins that she never met and a Dad that has a lot of health problems.  She wasn't going to bring her dogs camping, but her semester got out with too little time for her to be able to drop off her dogs in Utah and drive out to Yosemite.  When my brother and sister ended up not being able to come like they'd been planning on I offered to take one of Amy's kids and let Michelle bring her Dad.  Amy ended up coming (I think she rather enjoyed it.) and so did Michelle's Dad.  He'd been wanted to see Yosemite for a long time.  He's actually a fairly good landscape photographer and was glad to have the chance to do this with his daughter.  Right now, they are all each other has.  I'm grateful to have had the chance to have them both there.  Organizing who, what, where, how many was a nightmare... but it was fun to be able to do it.


Friday we really wanted to go hiking with Grandpa.  We met them at Glacier Point (Yeah, it's hard to time our kids with our Aunt and Uncle from the East Coast, their internal clocks are different).  Then we did the Sentinel Dome hike.  It was gorgeous and not very long, 3 miles round trip... but it was steep and hurt my foot.  I was crying about half way up.  I could tell that it was like physical therapy and not injury hurt, so I finished up until the dome.  The steeper rock face of the dome was a little intimidating after the trail we'd just climbed.  Jer took the kids up to the top and I waited at the bottom of the dome.  After that we had time for one more hike with the kids.  They all wanted another swimming hike, so we chose to do the Mirror Lake one with Daddy again.  It was later in the day so not as sunny, but the kids loved it again.   I forgot to mention that Thursday we met everyone at Half Dome Village for pizza.  $45 for pizza for our family is a ton, but we enjoyed having cold water and taking a quick shower in the pool side bathrooms before leaving.

Grandpa helped the kids with the binoculars so that they could see the people climbing half dome.

My hikers

This face!

Evelyn is a hiker, but she's also a little dramatic.  She wasn't scared, but she found a place on the rock to curl up so that she wouldn't fall.

This is on the dome, not on a ledge.  The camera angle makes it look more dangerous than it is.

Evelyn fell on the way down the path and Sam went over to help her.  He made sure that she wasn't bleeding anywhere and then stuck her arm around his shoulders to help her down the path.  She liked that so much that she held his hand the rest of the way to the car.  My Boy Scout.

Mountain goats in their habitat.