Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Last crochet project

Sam's other teacher was having a baby too. I found this really pretty yarn that had to be made into something pretty. I think it turned out cute.


Our youth group gets to go on Trek this year. They're so excited and the young women leaders have asked for how to surprise your girls with crocheted shawls. I did one and I think it turned out pretty cute. Evelyn really likes it and wants one too.


One of the ladies that I minister to wanted to go to Carl's jr. For lunch. We went and have fun and while we were there we ran into my cousin's boys. It was fun for Seth to get to know Dustin's kids.

Lice treatment

Birthday dinner

The beauty of Tucanos is that on your birthday you get a free meal. $50 turns into $25 and that's a fun splurge.


Tired after Goblin Valley

Evelyn's turn

Memorial Day afternoon, Evelyn had her turn.  She wanted to go swimming for her birthday, we compromised with the Wardle Fields splash pad.  She LOVED it.  We had our Wilcox cousins and her Kelly friends come.  It was nice for the first hour and got a little cold later.  Evelyn didn't care because she had her Daddy playing in the water and on the playground with her.  She was glad.

She wanted a Pikachu cake... The easiest way, a Pikachu tail.  Now Seth wants one for his birthday.

Sam's birthday

Memorial Day was our birthday party day.  Sam wanted a Field Day birthday with friends, so we invited the Ward friends and they had a blast.  It was just my speed.  Ada directed games, I made a cake and supervised.  Only a couple of presents because I asked people to come with or without.... perfect!  Enough that Sam had some presents, but not enough that I felt like it was crazy.

Goblin Valley

To kick off our summer, we took a day trip down to Goblin Valley.  It was such a nice day.  We went with Ada's friend from school.  I very much enjoyed talking to her mom.  It was a tiring day, but I was happy that my foot didn't fail me.  A lot of walking, not too much hiking and my foot did it all. 

Seth was trying to get up on a rock, Jer helped him up and Seth said triumphantly, "I win!"

We played cops and robbers, ghost in the graveyard, tag, follow the leader and just hiked. 

It was so much better than the day before... Thursday night we played D&D with my brother, I noticed part way through that Sam kept scratching his head.  I went upstairs to get our lice comb and just check for lice.... sometimes he scratches when he's been rolling around in the grass, but I thought I'd check anyways.  Ada asked what I was doing, then she said that she's been itchy too.  I ran the comb through her hair and the first swipe there were two adult lice.  Gah!  Not again!  I jumped out of the game downstairs, bagged all the stuffed animals, stripped beds, combed through everyone's hair and by midnight I knew I didn't want to spend our summer doing this again.  Lice ruined all of our last year.... we weren't going to do that again this year.  I had found a professional service place last time that I had talked to about an air machine.  Last time I didn't think it was worth the money... this time I think it was.  Friday, the kids missed their last day of school and we drove up to Holladay to get de-loused.  We were there for 4 hours.  Jer and Seth didn't have any lice, Evelyn and I had nits but no bugs, Sam and Ada had colonies.  Sam's were adolescent and Ada's were adults... both times with lice we've gotten it from our girls!  Last year, I made sure that each girl had their own brushes... but yet Ada insists on using mine whenever possible... that's probably how I got nits.  I kind of suspect that we got lice from the same friends both times.  Evelyn from the younger sister and Ada from the older.  They only usually play with us during spring break and summer vacations.  The lady at the service place found out it was my birthday and sang me the best song ever.  "Lousy birthday to you...."  She treated all of us, discounted Sam's treatment because it was very quick and told us that it's 99.2% effective and 100% guaranteed so I'll keep checking for lice for a couple weeks just in case.  We got home, cleaned like crazy, called some friends that had been playing lately, even found and removed lice from Ada's best friend, Frankie (and her sister and mom.).  Janelle was really sweet and asked if the kids could sleep over at her house.  Because they'd been treated, we said yes.  Then Jer and I went to Tucanos for my birthday.  We ate, rented Murder on the Orient Express, tried to watch it but fell asleep not half way through.  (Watched it later and it was excellent).  I do not want to deal with lice again.  It was expensive to get treated, but if we can keep them away this time, it's worth it.  I can keep them away from those girls for at least the first couple of weeks of the summer, but I'm not sure what to do next.  I told them about the lice last time, but I'm pretty sure they didn't do anything about it.

Frankie, Megan and Andie. Megan is a photographer too... we kept commenting on things that we noticed.  It was fun.