Monday, April 30, 2018

Working hard

Our neighbor tore a tendon in his knee and his lawn mower was broken. He offered on our Ward Facebook page that he would pay $15 to anyone who mows lawn. I asked if you wanted to do it and she said yes. Jeremy got the lawn mower out and Ada worked hard. Everybody that drove by well she was working made a point to tell me how cute she was and how good of a job she was doing. She's only ever done our front lawn before, but she really was proud of herself for being able to finish the whole lawn. And hey she's $15 richer.

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Yesterday was our first pinewood derby. Sam enjoyed it but he thinks dad did everything because Jeremy cut it out and put the wheels on. Sam did design it and paint it. His car did very well but more than anything I love watching him interact with his friend Deacon. It showed me that when he is invested he does pay attention. And I loved it.


We spoiled ourselves and bought some bunk beds for camping. This will be nice to keep all the bedding off of the dirty floor and keep a walkway in our tent. For now all four kids fit in it. It was more money than I would like to spend, but we were able to find some at Costco for $100 less and they're selling them online.


Sunday evening we took the chance to drive up to Wallsburg. During the Spring is perfect to go there because of all the baby animals. We saw a baby lambs, baby goats, baby cows, and a baby horse. We also saw quite a few deer eating someone's Garden. Seth especially was excited to see goats. We drove by a school house built in 1904. Apparently it's for sale. It looks amazing and if we had twice the amount of income that we do I wouldn't hesitate to go and remodel it.

Family Night

This last week we spent family night going to Cabela's. We were trying to price out a few of our worn out camping supplies. The kids were absolutely excited about the fish. I guess that's the good part about not going to the same store for a long time in between.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Here's Superman helping at the DMV. We went to help Frederico register his car. Now we're in the process of getting both of them driver's licenses.


Evelyn said that she's a chicken with her eggs in the nest. And she said the eggs that are two colors are peacocks.


Our little Ecuadorian family is so fun. They didn't have money for this baby to get clothes his size and I don't think we're having another baby so I dug out all the size 18 months to 2 years old and they were so happy. He had a blast helping us pull them out. Apparently he needs glasses. I was able to get them to the optometrist and help them find a place that would not be too expensive for glasses. But for a family that makes $13,000 a year tops to support four people and three of them need glasses even $100 is a lot.


Evelyn was so worried that she would rub her lipstick off during her recital that she was very careful not to. But afterwards she really wanted it off and tried to rub it off. Instead of asking me for a napkin or something to help her she just used her hand. It was pretty funny.

The first time he lets me take a picture with him and the shark

Easter candy

I was all tired out. This was my only Easter candy picture.

Conference Sunday

In between conference sessions the kids wanted to play games with me. So of course we had to.


Ada's favorite character from The Last Airbender series is Toph. She's been asking me for a doll for a long time. I finally finished it and she's super excited.
I've got two of mine in there though you probably couldn't tell.


Stole Dad

After the temple open house we stole Daddy from work to go for ice cream. That was fun. We haven't done that for a while.

Jordan River temple openhouse

I love going to Temple open houses. It's a nice opportunity to show the kids what it's like inside the temple. Sam has never done well walking through the temple because it's something we're asking him to do instead of something he's coming up with to do. He did really well this time. He didn't try bouncing on all the chairs like last time, he walked relatively quietly, and the only thing we had a problem with was him holding water in his mouth from all the drinking fountains while he's walking around. We asked the kids what their favorite parts were and Evelyn said that her favorite part was women's dressing room. Aida said that her favorite part was the sealing room altar. And Seth said Jesus, temple, building.


I think koi fish are interesting.  They're not just pretty in themselves, but together they make very pretty colors, shapes and patterns.  The kids liked throwing the food in and watching all of them crowd in to get it.

Ada took this picture.  She was fascinated with the albino koi.


The tulips weren't out yet, but we did find lots of pretty flowers and even some cute and tiny baby bunnies.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

It was a little cold on Tuesday, but at least it was sunny.  I got about a two mile walk in, which is the farthest I've gone since my surgery.  It felt good, but I was limping by the end of it.  Janelle was really fun.  We went and sat in the Secret Garden to watercolor.  It was a lot of fun and very peaceful. We bought $2 of fish food and went to feed the fish.  I don't usually spend money on the fish, but I figured that this was a special occasion.  I bought three bags of fish food, but Evelyn lost one along the way.  She was so cute, she back tracked a little to see if she could find it and was sad when she couldn't.