Tuesday, February 20, 2018


This girl lost another tooth the other day while we were eating dinner. She had blood on her corn so Jer said that she murdered her corn. Evelyn thought that was hilarious.


Evelyn wanted me to make sure that they could sign on the cast. So when they asked me what color I said the one that's best to sign on. They gave me a pink one. The kids love putting their names on it. Seth even colored on it and then said, there that's better.


Friday I went in for a surgery. They were going to clean out all the scar tissue in my foot and it put in stem cells so that my foot would heal completely. I was a very first one scheduled for the morning. We were there at 5:15 a.m. . Not even the receptionist to gotten there yet.


Evelyn karate

Evelyn wanted to try karate too. They said that she could have two free lessons. She is so excited to try new things. She had a big grin on her face the entire time.

Playing Indians

These two were so cute. They pulled out the tent and had me set it up. Then they found their bow and arrows and pretended to be Indians.
Ada wants to make sure that I'm comfortable.
This was fun. After the open house my mom had her aunt and uncle come visit. So Uncle Doug and Aunt Linda came to talk. They are my great aunt and uncle so they are my kids great great aunt and uncle

Capacity 3



Swim party

McKay's family stayed in a hotel during the farewell. They invited us over to swim. The kids had a blast.
My mom made these really cute Valentine's this year.

Valentine's party pictures


Sam was given a month free of karate lessons at a birthday party. He has been loving it.

Evelyn dance


I went out to eat with my parents and Janelle before my parents went into the MTC. We went to the Black Bear Diner. I've never been there before. Seth loved all the bears everywhere.

70th birthday

It was Jim's 70th birthday. Amy's family did something fun. They put a memory that they have with Grandpa in 70 balloons. Then Jim pop doll 70 balloons and read the memories out.


Seth too

Seth has had bad eczema that has been getting worse. I've tried doing everything I can think of to help it go away. Finally I took him into the allergenist to get tested. He is allergic to corn, peanuts and cats. Corn is in everything. And his cat follows him everywhere.

Allergy testing

Our allergies have been an interesting thing in our family. Sam has always had a lot of allergies. Through a lot of things that we've gone through his allergies have gotten better. But as they change sometimes new ones pop up. He is still mildly allergic to eggs. But his newest one is now grass and hay. This is the first time we've had an external allergy show. It's always been a food allergy. He's also mildly allergic to a dog. And the allergy Adventure Continues.

Keeping busy

My life has calmed down a lot lately. But that's kind of a necessity because I can't do a lot on my foot. But I'm trying to keep busy. A couple of weeks ago I got to paint the trim, door knobs, and hinges in our front walkway. I like them so much that I'm going to do the rest of the house eventually. It might be a longer project for me though.

Online races

Jer and I did an online race. I did the 5K and he did the 5K and 10K. The best were the medals. Princess Bride is awesome.

Big baby

He's a not so little baby anymore.

Sharon and Emma

More pictures taken during openhouse

This is my cousin, neighbor and best friend growing up... Cameron Wilkes.

Look at this cute Ronin

It's a shame this was the only one taken, but this is my cousin Tiff.

My Dad's cousin, Jan

This is one that Evelyn took. 

I remember doing this!  We'd hang out in the toy chest.