Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Foot update

My foot is progressively getting better.  It's a really slow process though.  It hurts in places that I didn't know existed.  The scar tissue from tearing the tendon over and over has been thinning and hopefully the tendon will heal itself without any surgery.  My job is to 1) exercise it regularly to strengthen the tendon and 2) don't over exercise it so that it will actually heal for reals this time.  That's a hard line to distinguish.  I walked a couple miles the other day and was fine.  Then I walked on our treadmill for 2 miles and it hurt for the next 2 days.  I think the difference was our treadmill.  I'm so excited for it to get better though.  It's no longer painful to the touch, but it's still painful to wear shoes.

Thinking back, I think I know some of the times when I tore it.  In college, I "sprained" my ankle practicing the organ.... this was the same time that I was fencing for several hours a week and running a lot.  I think I was straining it and tore it while playing the organ.  I think I tore it again running the Bear Lake Half Marathon.  I remember a hike where it really hurt a couple years ago.  I probably tore it several times fencing and didn't realize it.  Those are the times when I thought it was Plantar Fasciitis, but it turns out it wasn't.  I was SOOOOO glad that the podiatrist didn't have to give me another steroid shot though.  Those KILL!  Now it's just being patient enough to let it heal before we go hiking or anything this summer.  I'm also grateful for our Germany trip.  It showed me that there was something wrong and to the podiatrist for getting me on the right path. 

I was kind of curious to see how much I'd written about my foot on my blog, so I did a search.  While I found a couple of entries, the one from 2009 was my favorite.  I was talking about getting over the baby blues after Sam was born and mentioned that I went to the doctor because I kept spraining my ankle.  He never really checked out my foot, he just gave me an anti-inflammatory and sent me on my way.... Now almost 9 years later I'm still dealing with it.  Thanks doctor for checking out my problem so thoroughly ;)

Keep on the Covenant Path

We're pretty lucky.  Jer's work asked him to stay home and watch/attend President Monson's funeral, so we got to watch it together.  I loved hearing Anne's testimony.  It was simple, but you could see it in her. 

Then his work told him to watch the special announcement on the next Tuesday.  I love feeling the confirmation of the Spirit whenever we receive a new prophet.  It's a beautiful thing.  I felt it when Pres Hunter was called, Pres Hinckley, Pres Monson and now with Pres Nelson.  I love that Heavenly Father thinks it's important enough for me to receive that confirmation with each one.  I've never doubted the Prophet, but I've always been given that sign of love and trust.  I want my kids to be able to receive the same confirmation.  I've been telling them that they need to pray, but I'm wondering what I can do to help with that.  My favorite thing that Pres. Nelson said was, "Keep on the Covenant Path."  That could and should be our motto forever.

Mission call!

You know, my Mom and Dad got married right after my Dad returned from his mission and my Mom had her papers.  I'm pretty sure that she doesn't regret staying to get married, but this mission was 40 years in the making.  It was fun to be able to see them open their call. 

They're going to Spokane, Washington mission.  My Mom is going to be the mission nurse and my Dad will work in the office.  And something fun to go with it?  They turned the page to see who their mission president is and they know him very well.  My Mom gave a big laugh of surprise.  Apparently my Dad and him were both Seminary teachers when we lived up in Wyoming.  During the Summer and after hours, they worked doing construction together to augment their income.  He taught my Dad dry walling and my Dad taught him decks.  I love that they'll be able to work together again for a little while. 

Their call was pretty neat too.  Instead of being issued under the First Presidency, it was issued under the Quorum of the Apostles and signed by President Nelson.  They said that they have never done that before, but they had such a back log of calls that needed to get out that they did it.  My parents only had a month to get out there.  They're taking their truck, bikes and mission gear. 

My sister and brother are living in the downstairs and they'll be renting out the upstairs.  I think it will work out well.

They've been getting projects and to-dos done for a while, but now that they have a departure date they are working over time.  Sam is sad that they'll be gone, but everyone else is excited for them. 


I thought this was adorable.  Our niece, Maisy, was asked to draw what makes her happy in Primary.  She drew a picture of her, her mom and Uncle Jerermy (UJ for short).  She wrote, "Me being related to Jerame."  Me too kiddo, me too.  I rather like him.

It finally snowed!

I have never seen a winter so dry!  Jer was looking up on NASA's website for something and found that the magnetic poles are shifting.  It's going to eventually change the weather in lots of places.  It will be an interesting adjustment.

Evelyn stayed inside mostly.  She decided she was too cold.  She loved sledding later, but the morning was spent cuddled up in her favorite blanket.

This face pretty much summed up how everyone felt about finally getting snow.  They had snowball fights and played for hours.  Then Jer took them sledding while I did a family photo shoot.  I'll have to post some of Jer's pictures.  They were adorable. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

family time

Janelle is the best Aunt ever.  She heard that Ada really wanted to go to The Greatest Showman.  She had three free tickets, so she took us.  The kids loved playing with the chairs... you could hear Evelyn and Sam putting their chairs up and down during the movie.  It was funny for a while, but got old after a bit.  Ada's eyes didn't move from the screen.  Seth was bored when the popcorn was gone.  Sam and Evelyn said they loved it, but they were fairly wiggly.  Thank goodness for Grandpa, Nella and potty breaks.

This cute girl discovered selfies.... We started playing with the Google Arts and Culture app and she was dying.  Every time it came up with something really funny you could hear her guffawing.

Evelyn got a Lego Elves set for Christmas.  Today the kids finished building it.  They played dragons all day long.  They had the mom, dad and baby dragons.... they would all trade around who had which dragon.

Robertson cousins

Our James Robertson cousins were sent in to visit while their parents were house and van shopping in their soon to be new home.  I love how kind and loving these boys are.  In a generation of crass and rude, they will stand out as kind and strong.

Grandpa, Ada, Wesley, Henry (who's super tall now!), Jer, Seth, Graham, Sam

Evelyn and Ian played really well this time.  Seth would wander in and join with them occasionally, but it was mostly these two.  I sent my 3 year old on a mission to take pictures of them with my phone.  I love what he came back with.

For Family Night, Grandma had everyone write down or draw their memories of something about President Monson.  Sam and Ada drew pictures of him speaking in conference.  Ada added a little of her testimony.  Sam added labels of who everyone was.  Seth said, "Colors!"  Evelyn copied the people around her because she couldn't remember anything specific.


We woke up not long ago to this sky.  EVERYTHING was pink.  It looked like the air was pink too.  It was neat.

Seth an his Sunbeam's class.  The kid sitting next to him is his really good bud, and I have no idea what his name is. 

This was the morning she got it.  She was glad to be done with it, but thought it was fun for a little while.

We love cousins.

This is what I made for Becca's family for Christmas.  Cousin 'Guess Who'.  It was so fun... and honestly there are enough cousins that you need two sets of the game.

My Little Pony Monopoly

This is her

Evelyn has a way of making her way into your heart.  She's sweet, fun, and kind.  And has an amazing fashion sense.

I told her how she used to sleep folded in half.  She decided to show me that she still can.  All while being sick with a sinus infection by the way.  That face doesn't really scream sick does it.  I went to volunteer at the school, she came to sit by me and she was burning up.  I took her home, called the doctor (who is really kind... my kids get sinus infections...), who phoned in a prescription and voila... she's all better.

What do you do while sick?  Play with brother.

She told me last week, "Mom, I really want to do ballet again."  I called the rec center and they had a spot open in their class starting that night.  She loves it...even though sometimes I forget to take her.


This sweet lady is living in Bountiful for a few months before their family transitions to a job out in New York.  I lived with her in my first area on my mission.  She was always kind, thoughtful and loving.  She's been living in Puerto Rico with her family.  I was so glad to have caught her in enough time to chat.  If we make it out to northern New York, I'll return the favor.

Christmas Market

I was finally able to get the pictures from the Christmas Market.

This was the one and only picture I got before my phone died.... no flash and all.  But these kids thought that the camel was pretty cool.

Fencing club

I took Jordan and Devin to fencing club with us.  Evelyn, Ayda and Jordan were cute playing together.

Cameron gave Devin a run for his money.

Baby Shower

The best part about baby showers are the people that come to them.  My two cousins, Wendee and Whitney, are both having their first girls.  It was fun to have a double shower with them before my Mom leaves on her mission.  Trish flew in with her baby to surprise her sister in laws.  She's married to Russell, my cousin, and their girls and apparently their son look just like him.  That was fun to catch up.

This niece of mine adore my Mom. 


This last week was Sam's first time at the symphony.  We heard Firebird and a piece by Stravinsky that he's written for a funeral, gotten lost and had only been recently discovered.   The conductor said that it was the second time it's been played for an audience since being discovered.  I liked it, Jer really liked it.  But I loved Sam's enthusiasm.  I asked him what his favorite part of the night was, he said, "The food."

Judy was sick, so this sweet Aubrey came with us.

Stake Conference

In our Stake for several years, they've been advocating meaning for contact for everyone that lives in our Stake boundaries every month.  I had to post this meaningful contact.  Ada was drawing Seth hand.  I remember my Mom and Dad doing that with me when I was little.


Seth and Evelyn made a nest on our bed.  They put blankets and pillows all over.

Seth time

One of the nice things about school is time with the younger kids.  I've always enjoyed playing with them.  Lately has been a lot of Seth time.  We've done a lot on our own, and a lot with others.  Here are some of our outings since Christmas break finished. 

And of course, we have to play with Evelyn at recess after volunteering in her class room.  Evelyn has been struggling in school a little.  She's not behind yet, but all of her teachers say that she isn't paying attention.  I'm starting to pay more attention with her homework, but she needs some help in class not out of it.  Her writing and reading are great.  Her math at school is not, but math at home is.

Seth and I walk or bike together.  We haven't had any snow, so it's been like a very long spring.  You never know what this kid is going to bring along.  A sword, a car, a cat, etc...

My parents and Janelle invited me to go to the BYU MOA to see an Escher exhibit.  He didn't claim to be either an artist or a mathematician, but his art is beautiful. 

Downstairs was an exhibit about Christ.  Seth started playing hide and seek with Janelle.  Can you find him here?

On our way out, we heard a fun concert on the Carillon bells.  There are very few people in the world who actually play the Carillon anymore.  It is a real treat to hear it in person.

We took Cristina to the Dinosaur Museum too.  That was fun.

The car wash. Seth loves cars.

We saw this gem there getting detailed.

This kid saw the Sinclair dinosaur dressed up in Christmas clothes, he absolutely had to stop and take pictures on it.  Unfortunately it was a little unsteady and I had to hold him... I couldn't back up to take his picture.

This kid loves his sister's mp3 player.  He steals it on occasion.  He zones out and just listens.