Monday, August 20, 2018

Washington Trip #5-6

The next day we drove over to Montana to do the most expensive part of our trip.  My parents found that the ski resorts offer big discounts on their condos/apartments for off season stays.  We stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment and the kids kept giggling that they got their own room and it had a bathroom and a tv.  They did share the bed, but not always equally apparently.

We paid for the kids to do the all day activities passes.  That included the ski lift to the top of the mountain.  They did that one a couple times.

This picture is the kids "running" in the air.

We got to go swimming twice.  The water was nice after you got used to it and the starts came out while we were out.

Part of their pass included a bag of sluice each for them to find 'gems'.  They loved looking for all their favorite rocks. 

This was Ada's favorite activity.  She's always loved rocks and minerals.

We got out there to play by 9 am.  Apparently all the activities open at 11 am.  Instead of going back to our rooms we decided to play lawn games.  They had a giant connect 4, giant checkers (when I played with Evelyn she had a Queen and a Princess instead of two Kings), giant chess and this lawn game that you try to get 21 points by throwing a rope with two balls.  We played them all and 2 hours passed very quickly.

Ada's second favorite activity was the trampoline.

Evelyn made the lady smile a lot.  She just giggled so much doing this. 

This was Seth's favorite activity too.

Evelyn is quite the climber, she always has been, but she had more fun climbing about half way up and letting go on purpose so that she could repel down over and over again.

Ada was frustrated with this one.  She used to climb fairly well, but between her hiking shoes, sweaty hands and growing body she struggled this time.  I hope that she'll try again sometime to see that she's okay even if something was hard once.

This kid loved the rock wall.  He climbed the #1 and #2 walls over and over.  He looked like Spiderman on #2.  He could get about half way up #3 but would get stuck trying to get over the lip of one. 

I love this.  Sam on one side, Seth on the other.

The older two were big enough for the ziplines.  The younger two were not.  They loved them.  They did not love that they had to bring the wheel assembly back to the top of the zip line when they were done.  They are pretty heavy when you carry them uphill.  They carried them up once, then Jer and I went down to carry them up the second time they did it.  The next time Ada did it, I carried it part way and she carried it part way.

At the top of the mountain there was a village of prairie dogs.  They kept following my kids hoping to get fed.

Evelyn kept laughing that this little guy kept rubbing his paws together as if he were begging.

My Dad challenged Sam to a game of chess.  My Dad is the one who taught me checkers and the basics of chess.  I remember doing that with him.

Ada and Grandpa

We saw some wild turkeys on the way up the mountain.  My mom wanted to take a picture of them with my Dad in the picture.  They kept joking that there would be 6 turkeys in the picture if they did that.

Seth had fun doing this too.  He'd only get up a little ways, but he never stopped trying.

Ski lift buddies kept looking for bears.  There were huckleberries about halfway up the mountain.  We were going to do the 2.5 mile hike down from the top so that we could pick them on the way back, but the kids kept complaining that it was too hot and that they didn't want to hike in the hot.  So poor Jer got overridden on that one.  It's too bad because it looked like half of it was a gorgeous hike next to a little stream.

Apparently the pool was too cold after a while.  The hot tub seemed nice.