Sunday, October 29, 2017

Silly people

Janelle and Jer started a pole war... they would deliberately cut people out of pictures using poles.  It was pretty funny.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Camera pictures of Arches and Goblin Valley

Evelyn's hair was this amazing thing in the wind.

Seth kept jumping around with his hands on hips and I started calling him Superman.  He liked that a lot.  He's too cute.

Down into the third valley.

These are some petroglyphs in the Nine Mile Canyon... Each of these figures are 6 feet high.  Before the wall started falling apart, this wall was over 100 feet long. 

Look at these two cuties.  I love how much they love each other.

Yellow leaves against red walls is pretty neat!

BYU tabernacle replica

For family night we went to the tabernacle replica.  We tried to get tickets, but they were all booked.  We decided to go walk around it even if we can't go in it.  We got there and the volunteers told us to hang out and probably be able to get in.  We were able to, and it was a very neat experience.  It was not a dedicated temple space, but it felt very sacred.  A place of spiritual learning.

Sam wanted to take pictures...

They talked about some really neat symbolism.  The colors on the outer wall and inner door, the horns on the altar, the laver, the bread, the incense, the ark, etc... The one that stuck on me most was the horns on the altar.  While only Israelites only could enter into the courtyard of the temple, any could run and grab hold of the horn of the altar and claim refugee.  I loved the symbolism of being able to call for help on the Lord and find refugee at the place where we give up our sins to Him and become purified. 

Sam was pretty whinny about the whole thing until the volunteer guide started speaking... then he had his hand up and wanted to tell him everything that he'd ever read about Moses, the tabernacle and the Israelites.  I love that he can read something and remember it so well.  I can't wait until he's able to read something and apply it to himself.  That will be a neat day when we can see him being touched by the Spirit in that way.