Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ren Faire 6

Evelyn posed... She wouldn't smile and kept acting regal.

This guy had a Peruvian Rainbow boa constrictor.  They all touched it with a smile... Seth was a little hesitant.  Evelyn kept trying to get it to kiss her.

Ren Faire post 5

This kid had the biggest smile firing arrows... and threw a tantrum when they ran out.

Ren Faire post 4

About this point, Sam had an allergic reaction.  We washed him off a couple of times, but I didn't have his Benadryl in my purse... I'd left it at the school as a back up there.  Apparently he was allergic to something in the petting zoo.

We made buckets and the kids made leather bracelets.

Ada said that she was WonderWoman.

They also got to fire a catapult.

Ren Faire post 3

This was the funnest part of the entire faire. 

Ren Faire post 2

Riding the ponies is a yearly tradition, though I think Ada will out grow ponies before too long.  They all love it, and Seth didn't want any help staying on this year.  It was fun to watch instead of walking alongside.

Sam followed this chicken around for ever...

Ren Faire post 1

We don't usually do this thing, but the trampoline guy said that they could jump for $3 each because he wasn't busy.  They loved it!

Seth didn't want to do the trampoline, so Jer took him to the zip line.  He looked fairly serious while he was there, but he loved it.  He kept nodding as hard as possible whenever I asked if her liked it.