Monday, July 3, 2017

Sammy's baptism

On Saturday, we had the privilege to baptize our Sam.  He was so prepared.  I've heard his testimony several times, he's very knowledgeable about gospel things for an 8 year old, and he has a deep desire to live with Heavenly Father again.  I pray that he will continue to learn and grow in his covenants. 
The entire Primary Presidency was gone this weekend, but I got the programs and Dad dealt with the baptism clothes.  It worked out okay.

We weren't expecting many people originally, but his friends and family filled the room.  It was really neat.  Both sets of grandparents (who were the witnesses and Grandma Wilcox gave a prayer), his Hansen cousins, Gilchrist family (Sharon led the music), Tarkington cousins, Morisse family, Aunt Nella (who did the talk on baptism), Uncle Seth (who gave a prayer), the Wheelhouse family (Becca's Sam's piano teacher and played the piano for us), the Tuckers, Pinegars, Lees, Clingers, Snelsons, etc.... are a few that I remember there.  I loved being part of Sam's baptism in lots of ways.  I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and accompanied the cousins singing "Nephi's courage".  My favorite thing was being there for part of his baptismal interview.  I loved all the things that Sam said and what the Bishop had to say about him.  

Dad did the baptism and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost.  We're so blessed to be surrounded by amazing Priesthood holders.  Just for Sam's record, the people in the circle were: Dad, both Grandpa's, Bishop Wheelhouse, Bro Snelson, Uncle Seth and Uncle Brad.

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