Friday, July 7, 2017

Robertson Family Reunion

This reunion, we worked hard.  Jer, Marg, James, Emily and Grandpa got all the post holes dug for the new deck.  I helped a little on Monday night, but Seth was potty training and needed more attention from me on Tuesday.  I was also keeping him out of the pool because he's our last kid with Molluscum and I didn't want him begging to be in the pool.  He played happily enough with Ian though. 

Sam was in heaven.  Soda, swimming and the Wii.  He was happy as a clam.

My brother struck gold with this game.  He got us Hogwarts Battle for Christmas.  Everyone we've played it with has loved it.

Seth was laughing at Grandma Robertson.

He's doing really well so far.  He has been in underwear since Monday and has averaged about 1-2 accidents a day.  Only one poop mess so far.  My hope is to get him to not have any accidents while at home in the next bit, then to get him to tell me when he needs to go instead of me telling him. 

Maisy, Cy, Jonathan, Sophie, Lucy, Harrison, Sam and Eli.  The bottom picture includes Henry, Aubrey and Joseph.

LucyJayne, Ellie, Seth, Ian, Hal
I took a picture of Ada and her aged cousins when they were little, Sam and his cousins, I need to take a picture of Evelyn and her aged cousins sometime.... but we tried to get Seth and his age group.  We got everyone except Susan, Samuel and Duncan.
I think Evelyn's group is Graham, Millie, Cyrus, Samuel, Josh, Arwen, and Taylor.

Seth and Ellie used to be wary of each other and possessive.  They're learning to play together and I love it.  Amy and Walter are still in the thick of getting better from the birth and the pneumonia, so they weren't a big part of the reunion, but their kids were.

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