Monday, July 3, 2017


Thank you again library for offering freebies for reading.  My kids loved the free Menchies ice cream.

This week, we also met my parents and sister Sharon for furniture shopping.  It was fun to look at stuff.  We need a new couch eventually, and a new table.... ours is small for our growing family, but not this year I guess.  Sharon just bought a new house and they made enough on their old one to get a couch and a dining set.  Perfect... so we all looked together.  I found a table I like, but it's about $1000. 

I found this too.  I love it!  If we had any more kids, I'd agree to this in a heartbeat. 

This is his current summer look... plus an owl backpack that he loves.

This week, we also had to go get Daddy some new glasses.  His frames snapped on our last hiking outing and his second pair of glasses are terrible from all the scout trips and things he's done the last 6 years.  All the kids wanted to try some on too.  I made them do it one pair at a time and they had to put them back before getting another down.  They did pretty well.  I wish they'd follow that rule at home too....  This pair was my favorite on Evelyn.

Seth would put some on and then pose with his tongue out every time.

Ada liked all the bright patterned ones.  I told her that these make her look like a librarian.  Cutie.

We went over to spend some time with my side of the family Saturday evening.  They made yummy bbque and we played games.  This kid loves the independence that comes with stools.  He could easily get his own dinner and carried a play drill around all night.

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