Monday, July 3, 2017

GateWay splash pad

My sister planned a day outing.  I LOVE spending time with my family.  I wish we had more time to coordinate with others.  Between work, family, callings, and have to dos.... we still try to see people often.

We spent the day at the splash pad, ate food truck food and went on a tour of the Mrs Cavanaugh's factory.... which I have pictures of later.

Ada forced Emma into the water.  Once she was in, I think she enjoyed it, but it was funny to watch her get in.

Ada loves to play in the water.  One of her favorite things ever.

She's such a good big sister too.  Seth didn't want to get in without someone.  I took him in a couple of times, but once he reached out for Ada's hand and she took him right in.

My swimmers.

Grandma and Emma took turns introducing Vivien to the water.  That was cute.

See?  Proof that I exist.  My sister took some pictures while I had Seth in the water.

Look at these cuties.

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