Monday, July 3, 2017

Battle Creek Falls

This week, we started by taking cousins hiking with us on our favorite kid hike.  Battle Creek Falls.  It's only about a half mile, so it's easy for little kids.  There's a longer trail above the falls so that anyone wanting more can keep going while little ones play at the falls.  Our Aunt Amy had her baby, our new cousin named Walter, so we went with the Hansen kids, the Tarkingtons (including Marg), the Morisses, and Grandpa.


My 5...

Evelyn loves Millie. If she's feeling social.... that's where she is.

Mariah wanted me to take this picture of them climbing the roots.

Marg, Joe, Aubrey, Grandpa, Jer, Seth
Harrison, Jonathan, Mariah, Ada, me
Cyrus, Sam, Maisy, Ameilia, Eli
Evelyn, Sophie

This kid looked like a real life Pig Pen.... clouds of dirt wherever he went.

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