Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Salem Pond

Two weeks ago we went to Salem Pond to celebrate birthdays and summer.   I invited Cristina's family to join ours.  We had lots of firsts.  Sharon took my boat out for the first time.  Cristina's deathly afraid of water.  I got her out there and she loved it!  She refused to let anyone else take her out though. 

This little Vivien adores grandpa!  He's done teaching Seminary after 37 years.  Thanks to him and the support of my mom, he was in a position to touch many lives and invite the Spirit to help people make changes in their lives for the better.  I went to a couple of his seminary and a couple of his institute classes.  He teaches with the power of the Holy Ghost.  I know that he'll continue that as he and my mom go off to be missionaries.  My mom has also put in her notice.  I have loved her background as a nurse.  I very rarely went to the doctor growing up, and she was there and helped deliver 3 of my kids.  I knew she'd take good care of me.  I loved watching her taking care of my Grandpa Wilcox with her patient and calm experience.  I'm glad they can move on to retirement, I'm glad they've had the opportunities they've had.  And here's to loving the next stage in life.

Seth still adores the boats.  As soon as he sees us pull them out... "Boat? Boat!"

And this now 6 year old, (yes 6!)  still loves going on them by herself.  She loves the control, the freedom and the water.

Yay for sisters!


Ada's disappointed that she's officially too big for her and Dad to fit on the paddle board together.  I'm glad they figured out that game before she grew so much.... now she can do it with her cousins.

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