Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Quiet half hour

Right now is a rare occasion.  I have a half an hour of absolute silence.  Not even the dishwasher or washing machine are running.  Sam had piano lessons, Ada decided to walk there and back with him.  Evelyn wanted to play with her friend Rebecca, and she wanted Seth to go with her.... So now it's quiet.  What do I do with the quiet?  Talk about the kids of course.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting.  Our Primary has started to get a few minutes to the kids to give their testimonies in Sharing Time.  All three of our kids did.  Jer was there for Evelyn's because he was subbing in her class.  He said that she got up and said, "I'm baring my testimony."  Then just stood there, so he got up and helped her finish.  He asked, "Do you believe in Jesus?" "Yes." "Then say that...", etc...   We heard about Ada and Sam's from a couple different sources.  Ada got up and told about Ggma passing away and how sad it made her.  Then she talked about how she remembered that they'd be resurrected and see each other again.  She talked about the peace of the Holy Ghost enveloping her and how it helped her feel better.  Sam talked about how scary it was when our trailer was fishtailing and how all we could do was pray.  Then he talked about he prayed and felt the Holy Ghost calm him down.  I usually don't like stories in testimonies, but at the same time I realize how these personal experiences are what have built their personal testimonies apart from Mom and Dad's.  I love that they have had experiences with the Holy Ghost.  I pray that they'll remember them as they grow older.  I also love how Sister Kennerley pulled Jer aside later and asked, "How old exactly are your kids?!"  Just like the higher scholastic expectations in today's society, I believe that we have to teach our kids at a higher level of spiritual expectation with the challenges that they face earlier in their lives. 

And the younger two are home now.  Apparently the friend wasn't home.  I love my kids and like in Elder Holland's book To My Friends'... they help me live in the manner of happiness.  When I focus on them, I find that I am happy.

In fact, today is Sam's 8th birthday.  He jumped out of bed and started yelling, "Seth, Seth!  Wake up!  It's my birthday today!"  Then he ran to my room, cuddled up next to me and asked if we could do our scripture study together.  He's such a good kid.  With all his challenges, I dare say that he'll be a good adult, a good member of the church, a good Dad and a good husband.

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