Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My birthday

Jer has pictures of the BBQ that we did with my parents on his phone... I'll have to get those, but Cristina surprised me for my birthday.  She brought me a cake and ceviche. 

Cristian, Cristina, Genesis and my crowd.

We needed to make cookies and brownies for our trek to Salem pond on Saturday, so we taught Lia and Cristina how.  Most of the people I met on my mission didn't know how to use an oven to make anything except a cake.  In fact, my mission friend Myra uses her oven to store all her pots and pans in because it never gets used.  Ada's been and amazing help to these guys.  She's tried to befriend Lia (which has challenges.... language barrier and age barrier. Ada's 4 years younger than her.), helps run groceries to their apartment down all those stairs, and helps all the kids stay happy in the car when we have to play taxi.  We took Cristina to fill an order at the Bishop's Storehouse.  Seth had fallen asleep in the car, so I told Cristina I could keep her baby and Seth in the car while she went in.  Last time we went, she was super nervous and none of the volunteers spoke Spanish.  Ada volunteered to go help them.  The volunteer would say what they had on their list and Ada would point to it on the shelf for Cristina to chose from.  They were able to finish much faster and Cristina appreciated the familiar and friendly face.

Ada is the one that taught Lia how to make brownies.  I was so cute!

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