Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sam baptism pictures

The light wasn't optimal, but we did a couple at the temple.  I like the ones and our grandparent's house better.

I told Sam to pick a pose because he was being silly.  This is the one he picked.

Sam baptism pictures

Since Sam's getting baptized on Saturday we spent some time getting ready.  We got his hair cut then headed off to the Provo City Center Temple.  Unfortunately the grounds were closed for maintenance and the lighting from the park was terrible.  We did run into Cristina's crew while we were there though.
Sam the photographer.

We ended up taking a few pictures but returned to Grandma and Grandpa Robertson's lawn.  Eli watched us and said, "I'm spying on you." Then they wanted a picture and Sam said to leave space on the top to write Best Cousins.

Then Jer did me a favor and took a picture of these cuties in the back yard.  Joe came in and photo bombed  it.... which resulted in a wrestling match with him and then with Jer.  I love family.

Ward Chalk the Block

Our neighborhood activity this week was Chalk the Block.  The kids LOVED it, which is lucky because we were really busy and only went as an after thought at the end of the activity.  Ada drew these butterfly wings and all the kids wanted to be butterflies except Sam who was too busy playing with the boys.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Well, Sam is officially 8.... which means he's officially a scout.  Jer found out on Friday that his pack was doing a day camp on Monday.  While we were off working at Bear Lake and before Jer ran the Utah Valley half marathon on Saturday, Jer filled out paperwork so that Sam could participate with his troop. Sam loved it.  He shot BB guns, did real archery, boating and sword fighting.  His leader ended up in the hospital because of something with her pregnancy, but the other leader took good care of the boys.  I think scouting is something that Sam will absolutely love.  It's all the things I keep trying to get him to do.... but with other boys instead of his sisters. I'm not looking forward to trying to keep things straight in my schedule and making sure that he's hitting goals.  We'll be okay though.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Bear Lake work weekend

The very first Bear Lake week is a work week.  This year we chopped wood, dug a trench to add a sprinkler line, restacked the firewood pile, cleaned the weeds off the beach (then it stormed and they were all over again), and replaced damaged walls from a leak in the water heater. We did take some time to play, take care of the kids and relax.

These two did everything together, it was really cute.  My cousin's daughter Kat came to play for a little too.  Evelyn kept calling her Kitty.

Getting ready for hot dogs.

Playing peek-a-boo with mom

Sethie just loved the water.  He was so excited just to be at Bear Lake.  He and I went on a boat together and he played in the sand pretty much the whole time.

My parents brought this fun little pavilion for the kids.  Evelyn was in heaven.  She took a water gun and sat inside it waiting for someone to enter.  Janelle opened the door and Evelyn exclaimed, "Nellie!  I could have shot you!"


There was a storm both nights we were up there.  The first night, we slept through it pretty well.  The second night was worse.  The water came all the way up the beach and carried anything not secured off.  Sharon invited us to sleep in the cabin with her... we did, but Seth woke up and screamed for hours because he was so exhausted and just wanted his own bed.  I ended up sitting in the car with him for most of the night so that he wouldn't keep everyone up the entire night.

Too bad it's fuzzy, but this was a very common scene too.

If you look on the left, you can see the edge of the fence.  I remember coming to the lake when I was little and it was high like this.  All the older generation said that the last time it was as high as this was about '83.  I remember sitting and watching my Uncles Reid and Lee jumping off the fence and into the water.  I also remember my Grandma Elaine taking us out in a storm like this one with those big black tubes and riding on the waves with us.  It was so fun!  Cold, but fun. My Mom says that she used to do that as a kid too.

This little girl was covered in sand.  Her hair was in dreadlocks.  She and the boys were throwing sand around.  She told me afterwards that was pretending to be TeKa from Moana.... she was throwing lava balls at the boys.

My brother Seth helped me drive home safely after such a sleepless night.  He read Harry Potter to me and the kids. 

Happy Sam

I've noticed that my kids go through certain ages where they are really struggling to come to grips with something or to be their naturally happy selves.  Right before they turn 8 is one of them.  Sam and Ada have both been through it so far.  Sam has had a rough few weeks and the rare times that you see him truly smile make your heart melt.  Especially when he's playing with Dad and Seth.