Thursday, May 4, 2017


This was a very busy weekend.  The kids had their last soccer games for the season and my parents and brother moved into their new house.  It's a beautiful home.  It's nice and sunny, open and I love the kid bonus area upstairs.  They were able to get in and mostly unpacked in record time.  I took the kids to their games and Jer worked about half the day moving stuff in.  Unfortunately, his back had been tender for several days and he put it out.  After everything was done, I took him to the ER.  Our first ER visit in our marriage.  He wasn't able to walk or stand.  But the XRay showed that it wasn't his back, it was a soft tissue thing.  Sunday he stayed home with baby Seth... the kids were super good sitting through Sacrament meeting without parents for most of it.  I came back and picked up Seth for Nursery.  During third hour he was poopy, I changed him and he didn't want to go back to nursery... so he stayed with me in RS.  I was playing the piano, so he just sat with a hymn book open and sang his heart out during the closing song.

This was a goal that Evelyn made.  I was glad she had that experience.  Mostly she likes to hang back and defend the other goal.

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