Friday, May 12, 2017

Sam's growing pains

Sam does a lot of things very well. Like most boys, he doesn't catch onto social cues with ease.  He's used to being the best at everything without really trying... Just putting in day to day effort.  Top of the fencing class for several years, best soccer player on the team, reading music and playing the piano without stuggling, kid that knows all the answers at Primary, only second grader in the fourth grade reading and math classes.... but because he does things so easily it's hard on him when he has to be patient and work on something. This week, he's just starting to realize that everything is not just about him.  In Primary they didn't call on him because they were trying to get others to participate.... he came home absolutely distraught and wouldn't talk about it until Dad took him into a room by themselves and got him to open up.  He couldn't understand why they wouldn't call on him when he knew the answer and held his hand up without just blurting it out.  At school yesterday he called me in tears saying that he didn't get to play his favorite game during recess because he kept getting out and had to go back in line. 

Life's hard lessons.  We don't always get what we want, when we want it... just because we want it.  Sam tends to pout.  I know he'll grow out of that part, but for now it makes it harder for him to move on from these learning situations and get on with life.  Now's where I need to try to follow the spirit in what I do and say... my own learning experience.  And a piece of advice for everyone that feels not talented/good enough.... even the most talented and the smartest have lessons to learn.

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