Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kindergarten Zoo day

Evelyn's Kindergarten class went to the Zoo on Monday.  I took Seth and we went too.  He was sooooo excited about the trains.  He thought the animals were cool enough to walk through the whole park for, but every time we came to animals by the train tracks nothing else mattered.... Tracks Mom!  I finally ended up taking him on the train and he said, "We go inside the train!?" After we were done I asked what his favorite animal was, "The train!"

This happy girl was so excited to do something fun.  She almost didn't sleep the night before.

She thought that the reptile room was soooo stinky and wanted everyone to acknowledge it.  She plugged her nose for almost 20 mins.  She finally flagged me down and asked, "Mom, doesn't it smell so bad in here?"  I said that it sure does and she said okay and let her nose go.

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