Friday, May 19, 2017

Kindergarten graduate

This sweet sister graduated from Kindergarten today.  It looks like we have another smart cookie on our hands.  The average test scores for the end of the year are at 130 and Evelyn was scoring in the 235 area.  She loves her friends in class and loves being actively part of something exciting every day.  Her imagination has bloomed this year as well.  She loves being able to read everything and will read over my shoulder and ask questions about what I'm reading. Evelyn and I were both very glad to see Grandma and Grandpa Wilcox there as well as cousin Vivien.  Evelyn and Seth have gotten very close, not just because of their ages, but also because of having a half day together without the other two kids.  Evelyn decides to do something and Seth is right there.  It's super cute.  She told me this morning though that it was all Seth's ideas.  She said, "Seth has an idea and we do it." (This while watching them watercolor in the backyard and I had to tell Seth to stop licking the paints.)

Ms. Fordham (assistant teacher), Evelyn and Ms. Monroe.  Without these ladies Evelyn would have been completely bored all year.  I'm so glad that they were patient, loving, understanding and flexible.  They both tell me how much they're going to miss Evelyn.... I think the feeling is mutual.

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