Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Emma's wedding

Emma and Stephen were married last week.  The couples getting married look younger and younger to me as I get older and my children do too.  Stephen is a good match for her.  I hope that they will strive together to help each other be their best selves.  Love you guys!  Congrats!
The ring ceremony was in full sun, so I improvised with the best shade I had available.
There dog has two different colored eyes.  Pretty fun.

I wish I'd gotten more with Jeff and Emma together.  It was just so busy that I didn't think about it.


Waiting for their temple exit.

I love this picture for more than one reason.  I know that Emma loves her brothers, and because when I got married.... I have a brother that loomed over me like this.  "Little" brothers are the best.

Look!  I had someone take a picture for me... the one picture I'm in from the entire day.

The Brasher bunch is growing by leaps and bounds.

Grandpa made his very special chocolate cake for the reception.  Ada was toooooo excited.

Jacob has grown into such a great guy.  Love him so much!  Mary, I'm so sorry about your shoes!  You made it through the day and I love you guys!

The littles had a different party in mind.

Samuel is full of spunk.  He's so fun.

Sam caught the bouquet (which was arranged by Emma) after a close catch by Matthew.

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