Tuesday, May 30, 2017


This was a post from two years ago.   I held off for them and for me.  But I think it's okay to remember Cora now instead of grieve.  Cora sent her sweet sister, Vivien, to heal hearts and remind us of the eternal perspective.

I've been holding off both so that my sister had time to grieve and also because it's just a hard thing.  A week ago today, my sister Sharon and her husband Brad went to the hospital because Sharon's water broke.  Their sweet baby girl Cora Kathleen was born too soon.  She lived for about 14 minutes in the loving arms of her parents before passing away.  She was tall like her parents and had brown hair like her mom.  You can tell she was a fighter, because she fought so hard to stay here despite being so little.  My heart breaks for Sharon, Brad and their kids.  My heart breaks to not get to know this sweet and active baby.  My heart breaks for my parents for the loss of their grandchild.  My heart breaks in a selfish way for me as well.  I've always wanted to have a baby at the same time as my sisters... When Sharon got pregnant and my baby was still tiny, I couldn't wait to share this time together. We can still share it, just in a different way.  I'm so glad that they were blessed to have her.  I'm so glad that they got to hold their child and love her while she still lived.  I'm so glad to know the Plan of Salvation and know that there is more beyond the grave and that we can be together as families for eternity.  I love you guys and that sweet baby girl Cora.

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