Thursday, May 4, 2017

Acrobatics recital

Evelyn's always been our most flexible child... probably because she was born folded in half.  She's loved acrobatics.  I wish it were a little more like gymnastics, but that's okay.... it was worth a try.  They had their recital the other day.... I haven't found the pictures.  I think they were on the sd card that got lost with our family pictures.  They did their routine to Michael Jackson's Black or White song.  Evelyn was so funny.  I think she has a little ADD in her and gets focused on one specific thing and forgets what else is going on.  She got up there on the stage and focused on something... and pulled her shorts all the way up so that you couldn't see them.  It looked like she was wearing just a shirt. Then she didn't get a chance to do her solo trick because she got distracted and forgot her cue.  It's okay though.  I got a video of their practice the day before.... I have proof that she really did know what was going on.  She loved the hat... she kept talking about it for weeks before the show.  I took this picture because I thought I wouldn't make it to her recital.  It was right when I had a fencing class to teach, but then no one showed up and I said, "Yay!  I'm leaving!" 

Seth with a baseball bat down his shirt.  Off for adventure.

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