Sunday, April 23, 2017

Family pictures 2017

So, I like to do family pictures about twice a year.... Easter and during the fall sometime.  I like to see how much we've grown and changed.  This time, my sister took them for me instead of me with a tripod.  I love them.... I picked out my favorites for my blog, then my SD card disappeared from my computer because a certain 2 year old decided that it was interesting.  I still haven't found the others, so I'm REALLY glad to have these.

I think this one's my favorite.  I so wanted this one to work, and we have three of the four being crazy... so it worked to show personalities even if it's not a great picture.

Seth did NOT want to be in a sibling picture without Dad.  We tried to sneak Dad out really fast and it just made him cry.... so these are my "kids".

Ada and Emma were so sweet.... I got them to pose together.  Aren't they so pretty.

This was my favorite Evelyn picture.  Her face just kills me.  She was so funny about her hair too.  She stood in the back of the van and asked me to make sure that it wasn't raining so that it wouldn't ruin her curls.

This kid didn't want to cooperate at all.... so the umbrella was the way to go.  At least he's cute.

My beautiful girl's growing so fast!  Before I know it, she'll be driving and dating... Ahhhh!

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Diane said...

These are really good! I hope you can find your sd card. My blog is a way to salvage pictures too. The kids look through it, look at the pictures and read it all the time.