Sunday, April 23, 2017


This Saturday's games were nice and warm for once instead of cold and rainy.  I loved it... Ada, not so much.  She said that she prefers soccer in the rain.  We stayed up late playing games with our Brasher cousins Friday night (Emma's getting married!  A few of them came down to find a wedding dress and go through the temple with her fiancĂ©, Steven.)  The kids were bushed, so Jer took Sam to his morning game instead of everyone... Then we went to have breakfast with our cousins before they drove home. I was impressed with Steven.  He seems very kind and level headed... and awesome with puns, just like Emma.


So, we hosted the Wilcox family Easter party this year.  I love doing these.  I love the people being here, the joy on the kids' faces, and the chances to talk about the Savior.

I think this little bunny is very loved.

I was Evelyn's three legged race partner.  She was so happy that I was with her.  It was super cute.

These were the winners of the race.... by a long shot.

This is the 'lead your partner through the obstacle course without touching them' game.

Family pictures 2017

So, I like to do family pictures about twice a year.... Easter and during the fall sometime.  I like to see how much we've grown and changed.  This time, my sister took them for me instead of me with a tripod.  I love them.... I picked out my favorites for my blog, then my SD card disappeared from my computer because a certain 2 year old decided that it was interesting.  I still haven't found the others, so I'm REALLY glad to have these.

I think this one's my favorite.  I so wanted this one to work, and we have three of the four being crazy... so it worked to show personalities even if it's not a great picture.

Seth did NOT want to be in a sibling picture without Dad.  We tried to sneak Dad out really fast and it just made him cry.... so these are my "kids".

Ada and Emma were so sweet.... I got them to pose together.  Aren't they so pretty.

This was my favorite Evelyn picture.  Her face just kills me.  She was so funny about her hair too.  She stood in the back of the van and asked me to make sure that it wasn't raining so that it wouldn't ruin her curls.

This kid didn't want to cooperate at all.... so the umbrella was the way to go.  At least he's cute.

My beautiful girl's growing so fast!  Before I know it, she'll be driving and dating... Ahhhh!

Monday, April 17, 2017


This one lost her two front teeth today. They've been loose for a while and even have the adult teeth coming in behind them. The dental assistant pulled them and Evelyn couldn't be happier.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My three imagine arts participants

Being patient

We went to enjoy the Minerva Teichert Book of Mormon paintings at the MOA. Seth was patient and I loved hearing the kids trying to match the paintings to the stores they've read in the Book of Mormon.