Monday, March 27, 2017

Various goings on

This has been a very eventful month.  One that the boys especially like is that they got a big kids bed instead of the toddler bunk bed that Grandpa Robertson made.  I loved their bed, but Sam is almost 8 and I can't deny that he was running out of room.  I hate trying to get Seth out of the top bunk when he's asleep!  I have to make one of the kids climb up there to wake him up if he's in the back corner.  Short people problems.  He LOVES it though.  Sam feels all grown up and Seth very willingly gets into bed when it's time.

This kid is all tractors and trains.  I gave him some rice to keep him busy.  Heaven.  He kept saying, "Sethie digging."  He didn't really make a mess.... then the other three kids came in and fixed that.

This girl did her own hair for acrobatics.  Had to take a picture for posterity.

Jer was making dinner and found Seth making faces in the oven door!

This cat still loves her boy.  Whenever he's out, she's right there with him.

He wanted a backpack... so he carried around one of our many ALL DAY.  Any time we go volunteer at the school, he has to take his backpack.

We were taking Ggma's couch to our refugee family.  The girls made it into a dollhouse while they could.

We had one really nice Saturday and Ada decided to do a lemonade stand.  She made brownies, which were excellent, koolaid (which was not.... she didn't know you were supposed to put in sugar), and went to town.  She had so much fun and all these little girls loved hanging out with her while she did it.

We were joking that baby Seth had a mustache like Uncle Seth.

Zone out mode.

Evelyn, Sam and Ada got student of the week awards this month.  They were all so proud of themselves.  They were given free meals to Brick Oven.... so we went.... and they would only accept two of the three meal certificates at a time.  Yeah.

My sister Janelle was cleaning out her closet and her shirt makes an awesome dress for Ada.  She's in heaven.

Miso soup.  After a traumatic hair cut, (I held him down with both arms and the lady held his head while he screamed....) I gave up and took this kid on a soup date.  He LOVES soup.  He plays in it, but he mostly eats it. 

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