Friday, March 31, 2017

The cemetery

Ggma was very good at interacting with the little kids.  Ada learned lots of games and funny stories from her.

Bruce, Glenene, Richard, Jim, Judy, Sonny, Anne, Alan, Rachelle

Anne, Sonny, Sharon

Mike & Julie's family, Richard & Glenene, Danny &Julie?'s family,

The lady I gave my camera to didn't know how to rotate the lens to fit everyone in the photo.... so we've got two...

These were the Grandchildren that were able to be there.  I think there are 38 Grands.

These were some of the Great-grandchildren that came.  There are 106 and 5 on the way.

Jer's sisters, plus Margaret

Jer's brothers

I loved this.  These guys were trying to get as many people into the selfie as possible.  I loved watching them. 




Sam.  The greatgrands were told that they were allowed to take one flower from the flower arrangements.  Sam picked a blue one because that's Ggma's favorite color and instead of keeping it he put it on Ggma's coffin.


Ada and Grandpa

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