Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Soccer

Soccer has started again.  The kids love it, and I mostly love it.  I love that it keeps my kids running and smiling, I hate how much time it takes and that the first half of the season is so cold! Their first games were on Saturday, the same day that we were scheduled to move Cung and Pau... so we went to Sam's game at 8:30, Ada's game 11:30, moved Cung and Pau, Evelyn's game at 2:30.  Luckily it only rained a little until after the move, but it poured during Evelyn's game.  She thought she was the luckiest thing alive to get to play soccer in the rain and the rest of us sat huddled under our only working umbrella with a soggy blanket around us.

Look at that happy face in the rain!

Ada's favorite position is goalie.  She's really pretty good at it too.  She's not afraid of diving for the ball and getting rough.

This girl had acrobatics right before practice.... why not dress for both?

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