Thursday, March 2, 2017

Solar panels and other goings on

Well, our solar panels are now officially on. It's exciting and a little nerve-wracking to decide something big on a house. I know Jer has one of solar panels for a very long time.

We've had a lot of other fun things going on as well. Evelyn earned a student of the week award. Seth decided that you wanted to start potty training a little bit. We were actually at the school helping in Evelyn's classroom and Seth decided that he wanted to use kindergarten bathroom. He did it and he knew exactly what to do now it's just learning how to do it consistently. And I had the flu on Saturday and I had it yesterday and Evelyn has it today. Sam and Seth got graduated to a larger bed. Our neighbor was getting rid of it bunk bed and they're really excited about it.

Some funny things that have been happening lately are mostly with Sam. Sam really likes this girl in our Ward. When they moved in he told us that he was going to marry her. He always shares books with her and sits next to her during choir and tries to sit next to her when we sit by their family in sacrament meeting. Jer and I were telling them the story about when we first kissed and Aunt Becca was watching through the window. Sam says well that would be embarrassing if Ada was watching me and Sarah kiss.

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