Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Great Grandma Jane's funeral

Our Ggma died a few weeks ago.  I want to do another post about that later, but here are some of the pictures from the family getting together for the funeral.  We were lucky.  We got to host Jer's brother, John, and his daughter, Ruth.
We got to celebrate this sweet Lizzie girl's 19th birthday.  My niece loves musicals, works hard and has a plan for her life.
Practicing for the family choir.  I actually really loved the song.  They sang "Oh, What Songs of the Heart". I'd never really paid attention to the words, but they were just perfect.

Eating at Chili's after a temple trip and before Judy went to help dress Grandma.  Judy has just amazed me daily for the love and kindness she's shown for her in-laws.  Every thing that she's done has been Christ like and loving.

Family sushi night.

Buddies since birth

Games are a big part of any Robertson family gathering.  Any time there's a game there will also be Jeremy, Jacob, Joseph, Robert, (Joseph T. for that matter) Aubrey, John and usually Jim too.

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