Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ummm yeah

I really need to catch up on my blog.  I've been swamped.  Nearly every minute of my day has been busy with one thing or another for the last month. 

This morning I got kids off to school, spent the morning figuring out medical stuff for our Burmese refugee family, got Evelyn off to school and spent the afternoon figuring out housing for my Ecuadorian family.  Got Evelyn off to acrobatics and took the other three to walk on the track.  I was really excited to let us all get some exercise in, but Seth has decided that he's too big to use a stroller so I stopped taking one when we go to the track.  I like the track because it fits all our physical levels so well.  Sam ran 2 miles without stopping while I dragged Ada by the hand around the track for a mile. (She'd rather play a sport than just exercise). Seth was so excited about Sam running, but he couldn't keep up so he'd run with him until he just couldn't keep up anymore then would sit down on the track and wait until I got there.  Then he'd walk with me until Sam would come around again.  Seth was never out of my sight, but occasionally he'd wander off into the runner lane and I'd have to persuade him to come back before any runners came by.  What was interesting was the reactions I'd get.  I'd get several older people smiling at my efforts to both encourage and discourage my kids from different things.  One guy that said, "Keep it up!  Example is the best teacher!"  And a worker telling me that they had had a complaint about my kids 'running wild' on the track.  As far as I could see, they had never run into anyone or gotten in anyone's way more than just having to pass us because we were slow and they were fast kind of thing.  They asked me to not let my kids run 'on their own' without me.  Ummmmm..... Sam was the only one out of my sight for even a little while and when he runs he doesn't criss cross all over the track or anything... he runs in the lines.... did they think that I should keep all my kids in a quadruple stroller and push them all so that I'm the only one who gets exercise? The only kind of way to keep my toddler contained is a wagon, not a stroller.... and wagons aren't exactly permitted on the track.

It's interesting how one situation can be see in so many different ways.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sam's homework

Sam's homework said that he needed to fit the number 294 into a sentence.... he said, "Dang! Dang! Dang! I wish it were 394 because then I could use the quote from Harry Potter. Turn to page 394."

This boy and his car

Racquet ball

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Awesome timing

Whoops.  Our carpool didn't show up this morning for school.  I called and she just didn't know where her husband was.... he'd left his phone home, but he'd already left.... I checked the school website and it didn't say anything about not having school today, so I woke up the two littlest that were still sleeping, scrapped the car off and drove the kids the 15 minutes of slippery snow to school.  I got there 20 minutes late to have them tell us that they had a delayed start today and somehow I missed that through their notification system, their website and our carpool.