Thursday, August 17, 2017

MTC openhouse

We got to go to the new MTC open house last night with our family. I love sharing MTC stories with the kids and seeing the new facilities. They look very nice and they have nice peaceful areas to study in. I made Ada excited to be a missionary and for her cousin Ruth to start her Mission soon.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Seth has taken up calling the cat 'Tigress Lion' because of her haircut.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


This kid has had a rough couple of days, but I hope it will help.  It was rough to get through for both him and me, but we made it.  When we went to the specialist months ago, he took one look in Seth's mouth and said that he could do a sleep study but that the tonsils and adenoids had to come out.  I thought they might have to because he's snored loudly from day one, but honestly I didn't want to deal with it.  I had to when he started having sleep apnea issues. 
He was what my sister calls a terrible patient.  He did want to get dressed in the hospital gown, didn't want to sit on the bed, didn't want to take the medicine, hit the nurses any time they came too close to him, ripped out his IV in post-op, screamed until I put his regular jammies on and walked him out to the car.

Family night activity.  Seth didn't want to stay in bed any more and we took a jaunt to the park.  We kept it slow for him, but he loved getting out.

Gilchrist cousins

We got to spend some time with cousins though, and that was good.  I love the new house.

Wardle Park

Bluffdale has an amazing splash pad.  My friend was going to meet me there, and I got triple booked.  We checked out the splash pad later, but I was sad to miss my friend.  It is amazing though!  I love it.

Seth turns 3

I can't believe my baby's 3.  Time goes by so fast.  Seth loves trains, cars, trucks, tractors, etc... He loves cuddling with Mom and wrestling with Dad.  He wants to be with his siblings all the time.  He can count to 10, rides his bike like a pro, asks where his family is whenever they're gone, loves nursery now, consistently uses the potty, loves his kitty and doggie... He's learning to be okay with other people.

Dad made him his own train table.  He's a cute little engineer.   He stops it, speeds it up, pauses it and then says, "There."

Showing off how he can control the train to Dad.

Lindon car show

The day before Seth's birthday was the Lindon car show.  He loves cars and anything that moves, so we went.  He was eyes and hands everywhere.  I think the oldest car that we saw was about 1920's.


We have a new splash pad just down the street from our house.  It's not large, but it close.

Thanksgiving Point with family

We went to Thanksgiving Point with my family after that and out to eat at Culver's and the movie Wonder Woman. 

Seth was especially excited about the dinosaurs, but he keeps calling them dragons.

Timpanogos Cave

Thanksgiving Point pictures

Our neighbors and friends invited us to go to Thanksgiving Point with them.  It turns out Paul was my Uncle's best friend growing up.  Kind of fun.