Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lia had her choir concert

Lia loves choir. Since she doesn't speak English very well yet it is one of the subjects that she excels at. I was happy to support her on her night. She did a great job.

Christmas horse

Chocolate Party

Happy birthday and happy chocolate party for Jeremy.

Absolute favorite

This is my very favorite picture. Three of my four kids plus her cousin Samuel looking in the window on the Temple.

Family picture

I got this from Mary. This was our whole family picture at the wedding.

My girl

I can't believe how grown up this girl is getting.


Sam got to use a little drill and get a fossil out of a rock. That was a lot of fun.

Making casts

For a dollar each you can make a plaster cast of a dinosaur fossil. I had just planned on taking Sam to do his dinosaur scouting badge but all the kids wanted to go. It was a lot of fun.

Dad's day off

Dad went to work on Friday and his project manager decided to send everybody home early so we went to the Dinosaur Museum together. Seth was insistent that Dad come to.

Christmas date

Jerry and I weren't able to go to a couple of our Symphonies this year because of sickness or scheduling. We traded in our tickets that we couldn't use 4 the Harry Potter concert. They played the second Harry Potter movie with live Symphony Orchestra. That was a lot of fun. There was no choir and a lot more brass. Was a fun Christmas date.

Christmas Nativity


Robertson family Christmas Eve

Ada Christmas morning

Seth Christmas morning

Evelyn Christmas morning

Christmas morning


Sam Christmas morning.

Christmas morning

Family talent show

For the talent show my kids decided to sing a song about wanting a dinosaur for Christmas. It was really cute.



Playing kerplunk at the Wilcox family Christmas party

Friday, December 22, 2017

Piano Recital

I was so proud of my recital kids.  Ada only had one week to learn and memorize her left hand after getting her cast taken off.  I think she's built her muscle up for the most part.  Just occasionally she winces or picks something up and can't quite do what she used to.  I think she's going to be back to 100% in just a couple of weeks.

Sam loves memorizing.  I think it is a fun challenge for him.

This kid was not at all quiet.  He kept saying it was his turn next.  I let him go up at the very end when everyone was leaving.  His favorite was the kid that played Jingle Bells.  He sings that song very well.

This nut kept saying, "I'm bored!"  Good thing she was wedged between Grandma and Grandpa Wilcox so that I could focus on one rowdy instead of two.

I let Seth take some pictures while trying to keep him quiet.  This was my favorite.  We bought these for Sam on clearance years ago.... He grew out of them not too long after I got them... but Seth found them in the closet and has loved them to death.  I love seeing him clomping around in his Batman boots with a sword down the back of his shirt.

This makes my heart happy.


Jer walked with Seth into Seth's room.  I have been trying to teach him to help clean up... so he walked in and said, "Wow!  Who made this mess? Oh right, I did."

Friday, December 15, 2017

Ward Christmas dinner

The best part of the Ward Christmas party was the Primary singing to us.  I loved it.

The other night, the moon was REALLY big.  I barely got this picture, it's not great, but it was really neat to see.

Emma's disco party

This face!  Then he declared, "Mom!  It's just what I wanted!" My parents just gave them an early Christmas present.

Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids.