Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bern #4

These were in the Rose Garden on top of the hill.

Bern #3

This one was in the St Peter church

This was really cool too.  They had 5 organs.  I wonder how often they have a 5 organ concert.  I did buy an organ cd of their current organist.  They're good, but probably not as good as the one in the Jesuit church in Heidelberg.

Munster church

This was my favorite set of paintings on the ceiling.

Church of St Peter and Paul

Bern #2

We'd split up some during our wanderings, but Bern we split up a lot.  My Mom was still sick from our trip up the mountain, so after we took a bus (Bern has an amazing bus/tracks system that while it's very ugly, is very effective) to the Rose Gardens and walked down to see the bears and cross the old town bridge she couldn't do any more.  My Dad found a bus and took her back to the hotel to rest.  Janelle decided to go with them and Seth, Jer and I kept walking.

I thought this was fairly cute.  Like Paddington Bear.

This was neat.  This violin maker had the how to build a violin in his display window.

There were two Einstein museums.  He lived and worked in Bern when he worked out the theory of relativity.  I think it's interesting that in our heads we often say that while we're working on what we want to work on, often we have to work on something else as well.  Einstein was working in the patent office.

We went to the Munster church (Swiss reformed church in Gothic style).  It was closed for some kind of event.  We took a minute to walk around the park off to the side of it.  There was a group of men playing bocce ball, so kids playing on a play ground and lots of people just strolling.  While we were there, the church bells started ringing and they just kept going.  I think they rang for almost a half an hour.  Then we walked to the Rathaus and the Church of St Peter and Paul.  That one was pretty.  It looked like they started building it like the Munster church and didn't finish.  It gave it a grandness (spacially) without the Gothic decoration.  The simple flowers painted on the ceiling were my favorite.  Then we walked to see the Zytglogge, the mechanical clock, ring.  We got there about half way through it's chimes, so we missed a lot.  Then we walked by to the Munster church.  It really is an amazing piece of art.  They're in the process of restoring it.  It's going to take at least a few years to restore, but you could see the difference both in the paintings/cloth and the outer carvings.  After that, we walked Seth back to the hotel and Jer and I headed back out together to keep wandering and get some dinner.

There were plastic dogs all over Bern.  I don't know how many were in this art installation, but we found about 18/19 of them just walking around.  Each one was painted differently.

This was Einstein's house while in Bern.  We got to it just after it closed for the day, so we missed this one, but I didn't feel too bad about it.

These two shots were from our hotel balcony.

This was the farmer's market where we bought lunch.  It was so fun and pretty yummy.  I regretted mine a little later.  I had some fried shrimp... I hadn't had anything fried for at least 3 weeks and my body didn't like me later.  It wasn't too bad, but it kept me from climbing the steeple in the Munster church when we had the chance.  My Dad had sat down where someone had spilled birdseed.  There were tiny birds all over under his feet.  Janelle kept calling him princess Roger.

View from the Rose Garden

This one was right by the Bear enclosures.

View of Bern from the bear enclosure.  My Mom is such a trooper!  Not only did she do this trip with a broken toe, but she kept going even when her heart didn't enjoy it.  I'm glad she took time to take care of herself as well as enjoy the sights... that's a hard balancing act.  I'm also glad that my Dad was so willing to go with her and make sure that she was taken care of when needed.

The child eater fountain.  Janelle used to hide from the child catcher in the Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang movie.  Dad had to tease her about the child eater coming to eat her.  There are three different theories about the fountain and I'm not sure which one is real, but I loved the detail of a child sneaking away around the back of the fountain and the fact that at least five fountains in this style (not the subject, just the style) were done by the same artist in the 1500s.  How neat would that be to be commissioned to make the places where you get water from in the city pretty.   My favorite one was a bear in a suit of armor.

Bern, Switzerland

Our last touristy stop was Bern.  It's known for it's Bears.  It also posts the oldest mechanical clock in Europe, a rose garden, a series of fountains from the 1500s, and us Mormons took time to go see the Bern temple too.  It was closed while we were there, as was the Frankfurt temple, but we went anyways.
Bern has Celtic and Roman roots.  It was made a free city state by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II in the 1200s and is now one of the largest cities in Switzerland and ranked top 10 cities for highest quality of life in the world.  Old Town burnt down and was rebuilt in sandstone in the 1400s.  Bern has been keeping live bears since 1450.  Currently they have 3 of them.  We were able to find two and only take pictures of one because the other was sleeping in the trees.  I thought it was funny that he was using the tree to keep himself from sliding down the hill.  Seth said, "And here we see a bear at it's melting point."

I loved that he just stuck his paw back there like he was completely relaxed.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Jungfrau #5

Oh my goodness. So beautiful and so cold!  This was the highest point we could go.  It is a weather station.  It was really windy and semi cloudy, though admittedly we were above most of the clouds. Unfortunately, when we got up there, my mom's heart was racing and she was really faint and nauseous.  My heart was racing too, but after sitting still for lunch, I was feeling much better.  Big jumps of altitude can be hard on the body.  I wonder if that's why I got sick the first time I hiked Timp.  I got up near the lake and just felt awful, then on the way back down I felt better.  My YW's leader decided that I was probably had altitude sickness.

This was a shot down through the grating towards the mountain.

Seth, Jer and I walked around the outside of the station too.  It was fun to meet up with the others from the outside.

Yeah, I feel like it's not the best picture of me... that I remember that I had so many extra layers of clothing on.... I'm pretty sure that's not too flattering.

Definitely windy.

Seth found the perfect addition to his beard.