Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Feeling better

This kid was sick for the longest time. I held him for almost 5 days straight. I think that smile says he's feeling better.

It's been a weird week. Usually I'm getting ready for Jer's chocolate party for the week before. This week I've been cuddling a baby, dealing with a broken dishwasher and as of yesterday a broken washing machine. Weird. Jer installed or new dishwasher, now we're trying to decide if we pay the $160 for Jer to fix the washer or just give in and pay $350 for a new one.


Diane said...

Sorry poor little Seth was sick and that you are having appliance troubles. My kids have talked about missing your chocolate party and how they want their own.

rozanny said...

It is fun. I don't think Jer realizes how much work it is for me though. I'm usually preparing for it for a few weeks before, delivering chocolates to those who couldn't make it for about a week after and cleaning chocolate off of walls, railings, toys, etc for months after.